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Road Racing Daily Rob Hodson wins nail biter at Post TT Road Races



Rob Hodson took his second ever win at Billown this in evening’s Colas Post TT Road Races meeting, with Ryan Kneen finishing in second place following a truly captivating battle that raged for the entirety of the 8 lap race. 


The two leaders, both riding BMW machines, broke free of the chasing pack right from the off and never looked back as they tussled for the lead putting on a superb showcase of road racing for the fans lining the circuit. 


Hodson held the lead throughout the race but Kneen was constantly sitting on his back wheel producing fastest lap after fastest lap. Newcomer Mike Browne, winner of this evening’s 600cc race, had no answer to the pace shown by the two men in front but still showed his worth by finishing in a hugely respectable third place. 


Hodson eventually crossed the line to take victory by the smallest of margins, only 0.078s separating him from his rival. Kneen posted the fastest lap of the race on the final lap with a truly stunning time of 2:17.726s / 111.090mph. Browne was 54s back in third. 


Rob Hodson


“I had to ride the wheels off that. My bike’s quick so I’m made up to get the win. I knew we could do those sorts of times, the BMW is a great bike to ride around here. I’m pleased to get my second win at Billown.”


Colas 1100cc Race result


1 Rob Hodson

2 Ryan Kneen

3 Mike Browne

4 Anthony Redmond 

5 Mark Goodings 

6 Jamie Williams

7 Frankie Stennett

8 Andy Sailor 

9 Paul Cassidy 

10 Rad Hughes 

11 David Brook 

12 Brian Clark

13 Matthew Sardo 

14 Rodolphe Gouge 

DNF Michael Brew 


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Road Racing Daily Rhys Hardisty wins thriller at the 2019 Post TT Road Races at Billown



Rhys Hardisty took victory in this evening’s Manx Independent Carriers 250/650cc race at the Colas Post TT Road Races. 


Hardisty, the only 250cc mounted rider in the race, was involved in race-long duel with Douglas rider Dave Moffitt; the two riders swapping places and treating the fans to a superb spectacle of road racing. 


The first few laps saw Hardisty lead by little more than 0.5s as Manx Grand Prix winner Moffitt stalked him from second place. Mark Colvin was in third place during the early stages with Gavin Brown back in third. 


Moffitt tried to make a move on lap three into Cross Four Ways but Hardisty closed the door to remain in the lead through half distance. 


The leaders held station throughout lap four but on lap five Moffitt made his move at Cross Four Ways and Gavin Brown was up into this place following a black flag being shown to Mark Colvin. 


Moffitt held the lead across the line to begin the final lap but Hardisty passed him on the run to Ballakeighan only for Moffitt to reclaim the lead once more at Cross Four Ways. Drama was to follow with Moffitt getting his braking wrong at Castletown Corner resulting in Hardisty crossing the line to take the win by 1.6s with Gavin Brown 53s further back in third place. 


Rhys Hardisty 


“We had a misfire on the bike and I had to work my way around it. Dave had the legs over me but I managed to tuck myself in and make the move when he overtook me. Great race.”


Manx Independent Carriers 250/650cc race result 


1 Rhys Hardisty 

2 Dave Moffitt 

3 Gavin Brown 

4 Daniel Capper 

5 Jack Petrie

6 Andrew Castle

DNF Mark Colvin 


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Mike Browne won the opening race of the Colas Post TT Road Races this evening. The Irishman took his first win at the Colas Billown circuit, an extra special achievement being a newcomer to the course.


Manx rider and pole sitter, Nathan Harrison, made an early break on lap one with Rob Hodson and Mike Browne in pursuit on lap one. Those positions remained the same until the beginning of lap three when Browne found some extra pace to make a move on Harrison into Ballakeighan to take the lead. 


By the end of lap three Browne’s lead was 1.0s with Hodson a further 0.6s back in third. Over the next lap Browne managed to build up a slender lead but crossing the line to begin lap six there was a noticeable gap as second placed man Harrison had pulled in at Church Bends. 


That meant that Browne was leading by 1.5s over Hodson with Rhys Hardisty promoted up into third place.  


The positions remained that way until the end with Browne taking his maiden win at Billown by 7.2s and posting the fastest lap of the race on the final lap clocking 2:24.096s 106.179mph. 


Mike Browne


“I got a bad start but I settled into it nicely. I got a good slipstream on Nathan and made my move. Wasn’t expecting the circuit to be as bumpy but I enjoyed that. I like this place!”


CuPlass Callow 600cc Race Result


1 Mike Browne

2 Rob Hodson 

3 Rhys Hardisty 

4 Jamie Williams

5 Andy Sailor 

6 Dave Moffitt

7 Paul Cassidy

8 Alun Brooks

9 Timothee Monot

10 Frank Stennent

11 Rad Hughes

12 Don Gilbert

13 Brian Clark

14 Michael Brew

DNF Nathan Harrison

DNF Peter Creer 


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Road Racing Daily Rhys Hardisty pictured at the Blackford’s Pre-TT Classic Road Races


Sidecar Race One

1. Rod Bellas / Danny Quirk (4)
2. Tony Thirkell / Trevor Johnson (24)
3. Keith Walters / Alan Thomas (11)
4. Patrick Geffray / Andrew Haynes (99)
5. Andy Nourish / Nicolia Klinker (46)
6. Howard Langham / Doug Chandler (19)
7. Adam Pope / John Christopher (29)
8. Wally Saunders / Bob Dowty (10)

Quine & Cubbon Printers 250cc Lightweight result

1. Jeff Ward
2. Brian Mateer
3. Mike Hose 
4. Keith Shannon
5. Barry Davidson
6. Geoff Bates
7. Adrian Skaife
8. Adam Ward
9. Richard Bool
10. Mike Barry
11. Bob Dowty

Friends Provident International 350cc Junior

1. Jamie Coward
2. Bill Swallow
3. Mike Hose
4. Steven Elliot
5. Ed Manly
6. Julian Tillotson
7. Will Loder
8. Terence Sansom
9. Keith Shannon
10. Bob Owen
11. Meredydd Owen
12. Anthony Ambler
13. Richard Ford
14. Christopher Morgan
15. David Glover
16. Ian Thompson 
17. Mark Purslow
18. Andy Kildea
19. Vic Haskell 

A D Hewitt Denral Practice 850cc Classic 

1. Alan Oversby
2. Mike Hose
3. Dominic Herbertson 
4. Dean Stimpson 
5. Chris McGahan
6. Ben Rea
7. Richard Ford
8. Meredydd Owen
9. Will Loder
10. Bob Owen
11. Dave Matravers
12. Steven Elliot
13. Jack Hunter
14. Terence Sansom
15. Keith Dixon 
16. Neil Lloyd
17. Anthony Ambler 
18. Richard Stott
19. Arthur Browning

Geoff Duke Post Junior Classic

1. Rhys Hardisty 
2. Gary Vines
3. Barry Davidson
4. Dean Stimpson 
5. Jamie Coward
6. Tom Snow
7. James Ford
8. Adrian Skaife 
9. Neal Champion
10. Andy Sailor
11. David Glover
12. Brian Nichol
13. Andrew Cowie J.P.
14. Brian Clarke

Office Equipment Centre Singles Classic

1. Alan Oversby
2. Will Loder
3. Meredydd Owen
4. Bob Owen
5. Hefyn Owen
6. Dave Matravers
7. Bill Swallow
8. Jim Porter
9. Keith Shannon (1st 250 home)
10. Vic Haskell
11. Adam Ward (2nd 250 home)
12. Brian Nichol
13. Geoff Bates (3rd 250 home)
14. John Cliffe 
15. Adrian Skaife
16. Colin Purslow
17. Tilmann Runck
18. Edward Poole
19. Michael Titchmarch
20. Richard Bool
21. Mike Barry
22. Nick Penny

Greystones LLC Senior 500cc

1. Jamie Coward
2. Dominic Herbertson 
3. Dean Stimpson 
4. Ben Rea
5. Meredydd Owen 
6. Will Loder
7. Bob Owen 
8. Dave Matravers 
9. Keith Clarke
10. Jack Hunter 
11. Steven Elliot
12. Keith Dixon
13. Gary Hutton
14. Anthony Nicholls 
15. Ian Bainbridge
16. Ian Thompson
17. Arthur Browning
18. Neil Lloyd 

Classic 4 Hire Post Classic Superbike 

1. Jamie Coward
2. Adrian Kershaw
3. Paul Jordan 
4. Alan Brodie 
5. Ben Rea
6. Andy Farrell 
7. Dennis Booth
8. Andy Sailor
9. Mark Herbertson 
10. Alex Whitwell
11. Gav Brown 
12. Iain Robertson
13. Rhys Hardisty
14. Brian Clarke
15. Rodolphe Gouge
16. Andrew Cowie J.P.
17. Peter Creer

Steadfast Primus Classic Sidecar Race 2 

1. Rod Bellas / Danny Quirk
2. Tony Thirkell / Trevor Johnson
3. Patrick Geffray / Andrew Haynes 
4. Andy Nourish / Nicolia Klinker
5. Wally Saunders / Bob Dowty
6. Simon Christie / Glenn Dawson
7. Adam Pope / John Christopher 
8. Keith Walters / Alun Thomas DNF

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Road Racing Daily Jamie Coward pictured at the 2019 Blackford’s Pre-TT Road Races



Jamie Coward secured a hat trick of victories today at the Blackford’s Pre-TT Classic Road Races en route to setting two lap records around the Colas Billown Circuit. 

The Englishman has shown serious pace so far this season and in today’s Friends Provident International 350cc Junior race he romped home to victory over Bill Swallow with a winning margin of 54s. Billown veteran Mike Hose was in third place.

However disappointment was to follow for Coward with a retirement in the 850cc Classic Race, but it was short-lived as he earned a hard fought victory in the Greystones LLC Senior Classic 500cc race onboard the Craven Manx Norton. 

Coward pulled out a two second advantage on the first lap before Alan Oversby began to reel him in. By half distance Oversby, riding the Ireland Honda, had broken the lap record (95.595mph) but shortly thereafter was forced to retire leaving Coward on his own to cross the line 13s ahead of Davies Motorsport rider Dominic Herbertson. Newcomer Dean Stimpson rounded out the podium places. 

In the Classic 4 Hire Post Classic Superbike race Coward was in a class of his own breaking the lap record three times and crossing the line with a winning margin of 24s over Adrian Kershaw in second place. That marked Coward’s 11th win at the Pre-TT Road Races. Riding the Prez Racing Kawasaki, Coward’s new lap record now stands at 106.251mph / 2:23.998s. Paul Jordan, a newcomer at Billown, was in third place. 


Alan Oversby enjoyed another great day of classic racing taking his tally of wins at the Pre-TT Road Races to 14. 

A Billown specialist, Oversby had to duke it out with classic rival Mike Hose in the A D Hewitt Denral Practice 850cc Classic race as the pair put on a great spectacle of road racing. 

With 32 victories between them before the race, both riders went wheel-to-wheel right until they crossed the finish line with Oversby narrowly taking the win by 0.198s. Dominic Herbertson was 42s back in third place. 

Oversby’s second win of the day came in the Office Equipment Centre Singles Classic which saw him crossing the line to take his 14th Pre-TT victory. Will Loder was three seconds down the road in second place with Meredydd Owen back in third. 

Keith Shannon was the first 250 machine home with Adam Ward in second place and Geoff Bates in third. 


The sidecar pairing of Rod Bellas and Danny Quirk  made it two wins from two starts at this year’s Pre-TT meeting. 

Following up Saturday’s win with another victory in todays final race, the outfit, who unofficially broke the lap record in qualifying, produced an unrivalled showing crossing the line with an advantage of 26s over the next team of Thirkell / Johnson. The team of Geffray / Haynes finished in third following the retirement on the last lap of Walters / Thomas. 


In the Geoff Duke Post Classic Junior race Rhys Hardisty took a well earned victory onboard his 250cc Yamaha machine. Hardisty had battled with second place man Jamie Coward for the majority of the race and was holding him off when clutch trouble forced Coward to retire. That left Hardisty 31s clear of Gary Vines who took second spot with Barry Davidson rounding out the podium places. Hardisty also posted the fastest lap of the race (99.275mph). 

The first race of the day, the Quine & Cubbon Printers 250cc Lightweight Race, was won by Jeff Ward on the 250 Carbutt Suzuki. 

Ward crossed the line to take victory by 9.6s over fellow Suzuki rider Brian Mateer. Mike Hose on the Ariel Arrow was in third place.

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Southern 100 Road Races

Road Racing Daily Rod Bellas / Danny Quirk Pictured taking victory at Billown


Racing got underway today at the Pre TT Road Races around the Colas Billown Circuit with the 4 lap Classic Sidecar Race 1. 

Rod Bellas and Danny Quirk, driving the BLR Imp, ran out the victors by a margin of 15.5s over the second place BMW powered team of Tony Thirkell / Trevor Johnson. 

Keith Walters / Alan Thomas rounded out the podium places. 


1. Rod Bellas / Danny Quirk (4)
2. Tony Thirkell / Trevor Johnson (24)
3. Keith Walters / Alan Thomas (11)
4. Patrick Geffray / Andrew Haynes (99)
5. Andy Nourish / Nicolia Klinker (46)
6. Howard Langham / Doug Chandler (19)
7. Adam Pope / John Christopher (29)
8. Wally Saunders / Bob Dowty (10)

Photo by: RCphotos

Road Racing Daily Jamie Coward at the 2019 Pre TT Road Races at Billown



The Isle Of Man’s road racing season got underway at Billown this evening with the first practice session for the Blackford’s Pre-TT road races at Billown. 


Alan Oversby went quickest overall in the Senior 500, Junior 350 and the 250/350 Singles sessions with Jeff Ward topping the 250cc Lightweight time’s onboard the 250cc Carbutt Suzuki. 


Jamie Coward topped the Post Classic Superbike session on his 750cc Kawasaki finishing three seconds quicker than next fastest rider, Billown newcomer Paul Jordan. Adrian Kershaw was third quickest. 


Prez Racing’s Coward was in fine form topping the time sheets in the 850cc and Post Classic classes. 


More action gets underway at Billown tomorrow and you can follow the action live on Manx Radio.

Road Racing Daily Ryan Kneen pictured at the 2018 Post TT Road Races



Since first being run in 1991, the Post TT Road Races have provided some close and exciting racing to entertain the racing fans and enthusiasts as they once again adjust to the glamour of mass-starts after the Isle of Man TT Races and the 2019 edition of the Post TT Road Races, this year headline sponsored by Colas promises to deliver more exciting racing during the three action packed races on the programme.


One of the busiest men in the paddock will be Jamie Coward, who is entered in all three races, starting with the 600 Prez Racing Yamaha in the CuPlas Callow 600cc Race and following that with the 650 KTS Racing Kawasaki on which he finished second in the recent North West 200 Supertwins race in the Manx Independent Carriers 650/250cc race before climbing aboard the Prez Racing 1000 Yamaha for the Colas Superbike race, a race which he took the chequered flag in 2017.


However, the Hebden Bridge rider won’t have an easy ride in any of the races, especially the fiercely contested eight-lap Supersport race with the likes of Michael Evans, Ryan Kneen, Rob Hodson, Nathan Harrison and Mark Goodings, to name but a few of the full grid, who will be wanting to be first to the flag ahead of their rival.


Four of the top six finishers in the six-lap 2018 Supertwin race, Jonathan Perry, Rob Hodson, Jamie Williams and Dave Moffitt will be all going for the top spot on the podium this year although they will have to keep a sharp eye out for the on-form Yorkshireman.


The feature race of the evening, the Colas Superbike race, Jamie Coward will have another previous winner in 2015, Ryan Kneen keeping him honest along with other locals, Michael Evans, Nathan Harrison, Dean Osborne and Jamie Williams and to keep the ‘pot boiling’ add in Mark Goodings, Jonathan Perry, Rob Hodson, Michael Russell and Rhys Hardisty, it will be a case of blink and you will have missed the action as they battle for the chequered cloth at the end of eight-laps some 34 miles.


Gilwern rider Rhys Hardisty will also be busy as he prepares his Reps Motorcycles 600 Yamaha; RH Racing 250 Yamaha and his GaterLWG 1000 BMW. Rhys finished sixth in the 1100cc race last year.


Over the 28-years that the Post TT Road races have been held the entry lists have included the cream of the road rac- ers including Ian Lougher with 12 wins; Joey Dunlop with 11. Jason Griffiths and Chris Palmer tie on 10. William Dunlop and Ryan Farquhar are equal on 8 and James Cowton amassed 6 victories.


The 2019 Colas Post TT Road Races take place on Saturday 8th June, with practice between 1.00pm and 4.00pm. Races takes place between 5.00pm and 8.30pm.


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Road Racing Daily Bumper entry for Blackford’s Pre-TT Classic Races at Billown



With entries now closed for the Blackford Financial Services Pre-TT Classic Road Races, organisers, Southern 100 Racing are pleased to confirm that a total of 241 entries have been accepted for this year’s races, which take place on Friday, Saturday and Bank Holiday Monday 24th, 25th & 27th May 2019.


Last year’s race winners, Mike Hose, Keith Shannon, Dominic Herbertson, Steve Ferguson, Michael Evans and Eddy Wright/Kieran Clarke head a list of the crème de la crème of Classic Racers as they compete for a share of the £14,540.00 prize fund over a total of eight races.


The Senior (500cc) and Junior (350cc) races have proved the most popular, both saw Dominic Herbertson take the winners laurels in 2018.


This year in the Greystone LLC 500cc Race the Hexham rider will have the likes of Will Loder, Vic Haskell, Arthur Browning, Chris McGahan, Steve Ferguson, Barry Davidson, Sam Kinkead, Meredydd Owen, Steve Elliott, Mike Hose, Bill Swallow, Alan Oversby, Jamie Coward and Adam McLean to name just a few to contend with before the chequered flag appears after eight hectic laps of the 4.25-mile Colas Billown Course.


The above ‘culprits’ also join the mix for the Friends Provident International 350cc Race, with the addition of Dave Matravers, Ed Manly, Ben Rea, Bob Owen and Keith Shannon adding to the excitement.


The A D Hewett Dental Practice 850cc Race has once again attracted a full grid headed by 2018 winner Steve Ferguson, Bob Owen (2nd), Dave Matravers (3rd), and ensuring a close race, Will Loder, Arthur Browning, Chris McGahan, Jeff Ward, Alec Whitwell, Barry Davidson, Sam Kinkead, Meredydd Owen, Ed Manley, Ben Rea, Steve Elliott, Mike Hose, Bill Swallow, Jamie Coward, Richard Ford, Dominic Herbertson plus others.


Office Equipment Service once again sponsor the 350cc/250cc Singles Race and last year’s winners Mike Hose and Keith Shannon appear to be the men to beat. Amongst those who will be out to do just that include Will Loder, Ian Bainbridge, Ed Poole, Vic Haskell, Arthur Browning, Chris McGahan, Brian Nicholls, Jim Porter, Sam Kinkead, Dave Matravers, Rich Bool, Meredydd Owen, Bill Swallow and Bob Owen.


The six lap Quine & Cubbon Printers Lightweight Race has attracted 23 entries and once again it would appear that Mike Hose will be the man to get the better of on his 250cc Ariel Arrow. The Moreton man will have Jeff Ward, Brian Mateer, Barry Davidson (3rd, 4th & 5th last year), Ian Bainbridge, Chris McGahan, Rich Bool, Bill Swallow, Keith Shannon, Richard Ford, Geoff Bates and Bob Owen and others to keep at bay in his attempt to get to the chequered flag and retain his trophy.


Manxman Michael Evans returns to defend his 2018 race victory in the 4 Hire Post Classic Superbike Race however he will have another 28 competitors vying for the winners laurels, they include Jeff Ward, Alec Whitwell, Dennis Booth, Colin Croft, Tim Poole, Adrian Kershaw, Ben Rea, Mike Hose, Hefyn Owen, Jamie Coward, Mark Herbertson, Rob Hodson, Rhys Hardisty, Adrian Harrison, Paul Jordan and Alistair Haworth.


Sadly, the Geoff Duke Junior Superbike Race will have a new name on the unique trophy, with James Cowton having dominated this race since its first running in 2014.


With 22 lining up on the grid amongst the favourites will be Barry Davidson, Tom Snow, Rhys Hardisty, Gary Vines and Brian Nicholls on 250cc two-stroke twins, whilst Colin Croft, Tim Poole, Andy Sailor, Andrew Cowie, Gavin Brown and Alistair Haworth will be on 600cc four-cylinder four stoke machines.


The two Sidecar races have the honour of opening and closing the races at this year’s Blackford’s Pre-TT Classic Road Races, their first race being on the Saturday afternoon after qualifying has concluded and bring the curtain down on the main race day, Bank Holiday Monday.


Entries are slightly down on last year; however, lack of quantity is made up by the quality of the entry, headed by Eddy Wright and Kieran Clarke, who showed a clean pair of heels (in the case of the passenger) to everyone during the 2018 races, taking three wins from three starts.


This year the Tadcaster pairing will have to contend with the likes of Wally Saunders with Bob Dowty in the chair, Howard Langham & Doug Chandler, Tony Thirkell & Trevor Johnson, Andy Nourish and Dutch passenger Nicolia Klinker, Keith Walters & Alun Thomas, Frenchman Patrick Geffray and Andy Haynes, Greg Lambert & Ben McBride, Rod Bellas & Danny Quirk, Mike Cookson & Kenny Cole and Philip Boote with Jayne Morris in the chair.


It is encouraging to see a total of 11 Newcomers are racing this year, Dean Edwards (Hemel Hampstead), John Cliffe (Whitby), Steve Birtles (Northwich), Andy Farrell (Skerries), Keith Clarke (Shefford, Beds), Dean Stimpson (Doddington, Cambs), Julian Trummer (Austria), David Mead ( Welshpool), Dave Holden (Perth, Scotland), Andy Kildea (Newtownards) and Mark Purslow (Ceredigion, Wales) and three newcomers to the Pre-TT Classic, but have raced on the Colas Billown Course previously, they are Gavin Brown (Port Erin), Richard Ford (Garstang) and Alistair Haworth (Millom).


Southern 100 Racing look forward to welcoming all competitors, officials, marshals and race fans, old and new to the Blackford’s Pre-TT Classic Road Races 2019 and wish everyone a safe, exciting and enjoyable time whilst on the Isle of Man.


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Road Racing Daily Peter Boast pictured at the 2018 Pre-TT Races at Billown


Regulations and Entry Forms for the 2019 Blackford Financial Services Pre-TT Classic Road Races have only recently become available and already race organisers have received nearly 100 entries for the popular races.

Most popular class in the nine-race programme at present is the Senior (500cc) with 20 entries with the Junior (350cc) race attracting 19, whilst the 250cc/350cc Singles race has 18, followed by the 850cc Class with 16.

Early entries have been received from Will Loder, Alec Whitwell, Steve Ferguson, Barry Davidson and Jeff Ward.

The ever-popular sidecars have so far 5 entries which include Wal Saunders, Tony Thirkell, Howard Langham and Eddy Wright.

The Pre-TT Classic Road Races have been run since 1988 and 2019 sees the 31st running of the prestigious races with Blackford Financial Services continuing the title sponsorship from 2000.

The 2019 Blackford’s Pre-TT Classic Road Races takes place on Friday 24th, Saturday 25th and Bank Holiday Monday 27th May.

Road Racing Daily Dates announced for 2019 Blackford’s Pre-TT Classic Races




Southern 100 Racing, organisers of the Blackford Financial Services Pre-TT Classic Road Races are pleased to confirm dates for 2019 as Friday, Saturday and Monday, 24th, 25th & 27th May on the Colas Billown Course.


The race organisers have decided to revert to the successful format of recent years, of the Friday evening, Saturday afternoon and all day on the Monday, having moved the ‘main race day’ forward to the Sunday afternoon and evening this year.


Club Chairman, George Peach explained the reasons: 


‘The Blackford’s Pre-TT Classic Road Races have traditionally been held on the Friday, Saturday and the Monday, which is normally a Bank Holiday, and on occasion we have received special road closing orders for the Sunday racing to fit in with TT celebrations, so when the new Road Race Act 2016 came fully into force this year – the club made the decision to move to the Sunday, which was fairly successful.


‘However, with the new act, should the Saturday evening TT practice be cancelled for whatever reason, they had priority to hold the practice session on the Sunday, which would mean us having to delay our races until the Monday, which appears simple enough, except that the TT decision to postpone their session could be made late evening on the Saturday.


‘We then have to notify our competitors, officials, marshals and medical personnel - many of whom are also volunteers on duty on the TT Course – causing more disruption to peoples plans.’


The Chairman continued: 


‘After this year’s Classic races, we had our usual debrief and the general feeling was that in previous year’s most people had a ‘day-off’ on the Sunday. The feedback from the competitors was similar, in that it gave them a day to check their machines over prior to the main race day, especially those who raced on the Saturday afternoon.


‘The resulting decision by the directors was to revert to the ‘tried and tested’ formula, which the club hopes will be agreeable to all who are planning to compete and be involved with the 2019 Blackford’s Pre-TT Classic Road Races.’


It is envisaged that the race programme will be similar to the previous recent years and once the regulations have been approved by the ACU will be posted out to this year’s competitors and will be available to download from the clubs official website:


Remember to put the dates for the 2019 Blackford’s Pre-TT Classic Road Races in your diary – Friday, Saturday and Monday, 24th, 25th & 27th May 2019.

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Road Racing Daily Michael Sweeney at the 2019 Skerries 100 Road Races

Michael Sweeney named Man of the Meeting at the 2019 Skerries 100 Road Races

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