Isle of Man TT - 2018

Road Racing Daily Michael Dunlop won the Joey Dunlop Championship at the 2018 Isle Of Man TT




Michael Dunlop won the Joey Dunlop Championship at the 2018 Isle Of Man TT finishing the week with three victories and a tally of 94 points ahead of Peter Hickman in second place and Dean Harrison in third. 


In the privateer stakes it was Newcomer Davey Todd who picked up the award ahead of Sam West in second and Philip Crowe in third. 


Peter Hickman’s brace of wins helped secure the team award for Smith’s Racing. Silicone Racing and Padgett’s Racing finished second and third respectively. MD Racing finished in fourth place, a terrific result. 


Kawasaki ended the TT as the top manufacturer. 


Davey Todd, on his way to becoming the top privateer, picked up the newcomer award and the inaugural RST Star Of Tomorrow prize. 


Joey Dunlop Championship:


Michael Dunlop 94

Peter Hickman 86

Dean Harrison 81

Conor Cummins 60

James Hillier 56

Josh Brookes 37

Martin Jessopp 30

Ivan Lintin 27

Lee Johnston 27

Gary Johnson 27

David Johnson 26

Michael Rutter 21

Davey Todd 21

Sam West 17

James Cowton 15

Jamie Coward 12

Brian McCormack 9

Dominic Herbertson 8

Daley Mathison 8

Phil Crowe 7


Privateer Championship


Davey Todd 101

Sam West 78

Phil Crowe 50

Dominic Herbertson 45

Craig Neve 40

Michael Sweeney 39

Derek McGee 38

Daley Mathison 33

Brian McCormack 31

Rob Hodson 27

Shaun Anderson 25

Andy Dudgeon 25

Barry Evans 22

Stefano Bonetti 19

Paul Jordan 16

Raul Torras Martinez 14

Dan Cooper 13

Michael Evans 11

Joe Thompson 8

Kamil Holan 8


Team Championship


Smiths Racing 86

Silicone Engineering Racing 81

Padgetts Racing 60

Michael Dunlop Racing 56

Quattro Plant/JG Speedfit Kawasaki 56

Tyco BMW 38

Riders Motorcycles 30

Dafabet Devitt Racing 27

Lee Hardy Racing 27

Gulf BMW 26

Bathams SMT Racing 21

Cookstown BE Racing 21

McAMS Yamaha 20

PRL Worthington Racing 17

Norton Racing 17

McAdoo Kawasaki 15


Full championship list can be found here via this link:


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Road Racing Daily New 2018 Isle Of Man TT virtual lap record stands at 136.413mph



As records tumbled during every race at this year’s Isle of Man TT, it’s worth noting that the pace has now shifted beyond what was previously thought possible. 

Dean Harrison and Peter Hickman yesterday pushed each other to new record heights and as a result we saw sector records tumble during one of the most hotly contested and thrilling Senior TT’s in recent memory. 

You can see below what the virtual lap record stood at before this year’s TT and what it now stands at. The bar has been significantly raised. 

Before 2018

Glen Helen: Michael Dunlop - 4:09:437
Ballaugh: Michael Dunlop - 3:02:142
Ramsey: Michael Dunlop - 3:12:475
Bungalow: Steve Plater - 3:13:557
Cronk ny Mona: Ian Hutchinson - 2:14:241
Grandstand: Ian Hutchinson - 0:58:801

Virtual lap record: 16:50:653 / 134.396mph

After 2018

Glen Helen: Dean Harrison - 4:06:355
Ballaugh: Dean Harrison - 3:00:620
Ramsey: Peter Hickman - 3:10:103
Bungalow: Peter Hickman - 3:09:746
Cronk ny Mona: Peter Hickman - 2:12:493
Grandstand:  Peter Hickman - 0:56:394

Virtual lap record: 16:35:711 / 136.413mph

Photos by: RCphotos

Road Racing Daily Peter Hickman wins record breaking 2018 Isle of Man Senior TT



Peter Hickman took his maiden Senior TT win at the Isle of Man TT as he stormed to victory on Friday afternoon, breaking the outright lap record in the process. 


One of the most hotly anticipated Senior TT Races in recent memory roared into action in perfect conditions at the Isle Of Man. 


Immediately up to pace was Silicone Racing’s Dean Harrison who was making his usual blistering start. At Glen Helen he was leading by a second from Hickman with Dunlop a further second behind in third place. 


At Ballaugh, Harrison had extended the gap over Hickman to 4.7s with Cummins now up into third place; Dunlop seemingly having lost around 9s relegating the 18 time TT winner to fourth place. By Ramsey however, Dunlop had assumed third place once more but was 10.8s behind Harrsion. Hickman was now only 2.3s adrift in second place. 


Crossing the line to complete lap one was Harrison was posted a stunning lap of 133.678mph / 16:56:084s to lead by 1.4s over Smith’s Racing rider Peter Hickman. Michael Dunlop was in third place for Tyco BMW. Conor Cummins was in 4th for Padgett’s Racing. David Johnson was a retiree at the end of lap one promoting Josh Brookes into 5th on the Norton Newcomer Davey Todd riding posted a stunning time of 128.4 from a standing start. 


The early stages of lap 2 saw Dean Harrison press home his advantage as he stretched his lead over Hickman to 5.5s through Ballaugh. Cummins was now up into third place, 17s behind Hickman but with a lead of 3.5s over 4th place man Michael Dunlop. 


By the end of lap and as the leaders entered the pits for the first of their scheduled two stops, Hickman had reduced the gap to 1.4s with Cummins 23s back in 3rd. Dunlop was 7.6s further adrift in 4th. Josh Brookes was in 5th, Sam West 6th, Gary Johnson 7th, Davey Todd 8th, Martin Jessopp 9th, Philip Crowe 10th. Lee Johnston retired in the pits at the end of lap 2. 


Hickman, who had been making up time on Harrison throughout the second lap, was now losing time to the leader on lap 3 with the gap now up to 8.2s through Ramsey. Cummins seemed to be consolidating the final podium place as he was now over 10s clear of BMW mounted Dunlop. 


Crossing the line to complete half distance and it was Harrison who still led but by a reduced margin of 5.8s over Hickman. Cummins was in 3rd, 13s ahead of Dunlop in 4th. Josh Brookes was 5th, Sam West 6th, Gary Johnson 7th, Martin Jessopp 8th, Philip Crowe 9th, Philip Crowe 10th. 


At Ramsey on lap 4 Harrison had pulled out a 7s advantage over Hickman who had a gap of 43s over Cummins in 3rd. Cummins was now looking good for a brace of superbike podiums. However, Hickman had managed to claw back the gap to 4.4s on the climb to the Bungalow setting a sector record in the process.


Hickman crossed the line to post a new lap record with a staggering time of 134.456mph / 16:50:202s to reduce the gap to Harrison to 1.4s. 


With the final pit stops over, it was now a sprint to the finish. Harrison, having made up 4.6s in his pitstop, was 6.2s ahead of Hickman through Glen Helen on lap 5. Cummins was almost a minute behind in 3rd. Michael Dunlop was in 4th, Josh Brookes 5th and Gary Johnson in 6th, Sam West 7th, Martin Jessopp 8th, Philip Crowe 9th, Jamie Coward 10th. 


Hickman began eating into the lead of Harrison and as the leaders crossed the line to begin the final lap, the only true flying lap of the race, the gap had been reduced to a nail-biting 1.9s setting up a grandstand finish. 


At Glen Helen on lap 6 Harrison had pulled out a few vital seconds to lead by 3.7s and as he reached Ballaugh he had increased his margin once more to 5.7s. Hickman wasn’t having any of it as he fought back to within 2s by Ramsey, the two leaders now on 135mph pace. 


With only the mountain to go this was promising to be one of the most enthralling finishes to a senior TT in recent memory. 


Hickman had made his move and was 0.8s in the lead as they charged down the mountain and as he crossed the line he took the win by 2s and broke the absolute lap record with a stunning time of 135.542mph / 16:42:778s. Hickman also claimed the race record on his way to victory. 


Dean Harrison, also inside the old outright lap record finished second with a time of 134.918mph 16:46:742s. Conor Cummins was in third place for Padgett’s Racing. 


Newcomer Davey Todd finished in a superb 9th place for the Cookstown Burrows Engineering Team. 


Peter Hickman:


“Massive credit to Dean Harrison. I’m so happy for myself and the team. It was an up-and-down race. The bike was working mega and I knew I had to ride hard over the last lap especially. I can’t wait to lift the trophy. Thanks to the crowd.”


1 Peter Hickman

2 Dean Harrison

3 Conor Cummins

4 Michael Dunlop

5 Josh Brookes

6 Gary Johnson

7 Martin Jessopp

8 Jamie Coward

9 Davey Todd

10 Brian McCormack

Road Racing Daily Birchall brothers make history in record breaking Sidecar race at the Isle Of Man TT




Ben and Tom Birchall pulled out all the stops on their way to a record breaking win in the Sidecar Race 2 at the Isle Of Man TT. They are now the first Sidecar pair to have lapped the world famous TT course at under nineteen minutes. 


It was John Holden and Lee Cain however who made the early running through Glen Helen on lap one as they relegated the Birchall brothers into second place with Tim Reeves and Mark Wilkes in third spot. Just over two seconds separated the top three.  Reeves and Wilkes registered the top speed through Sulby at 151.5mph with both the Birchalls and Holden and Cain posting the same speed of 148.8mph. 


At Ramsey the leading two pairs were beginning to drop Revees/Wilkes. Holden/Cain led the Birchalls by 1.6s with Reeves/Wilkes 5s further adrift. Founds/Lowther were in 4th, Molyneux/Sayle 5th. 


Over the mountain on lap one and with conditions perfect, the Birchalls had leapfrogged Holden/Cain with the lap record holders crossing the line holding a 1.6s advantage over Holden/Cain to post a standing start lap of 117.185mph - 19:19:087s. 


Reeves/Wilkes were 3rd, Founds/Lowther 4th, Molyneux/Sayle 5th, Harrison/Winkle 6th, Blackstock/Rosney 7th, Bryan/Hyde 8th, LeBlond/Farnier 9th, Ramsden/Ramsden 10th. 


Lap two saw the Birchalls make their move and extend the lead from 1.6s at the Grandstand, to 4.6s by the time they had reached Glen Helen. Inside their own lap record pace at the Bungalow, and with a lead of over 12s, it was now looking as though the leading pair would not be denied another TT victory. 


As the Birchalls crossed the line they had indeed smashed the lap record and made history by becoming the first pair to break the 19 minute barrier by recording a lap of 119.250mph / 18:59:058s. Holden/Cain were still in second place now 15s behind the Birchalls with Reeves/Wilkes a further 7s adrift in third. 


The third lap was largely sedate by the previous lap’s standards as the Birchalls, clearly notified of having broken the lap record, were edging off the pace and nursing their machine home. They crossed the line to claim another race record and their 8th TT win. Holden/Cain were in second place and Reeves/Wilkes rounded out the podium spots to claim another third place. 


Ben Birchall


“I’m so happy, you can’t take anything away from John’s pace but to get another two wins is amazing. Thanks to all my family and friends and sponsors. Now I need a pint of beer. It’s an honour to drive around here at that speed.”


Tom Birchall


“Not bad for a morning’s work is it! John shook us up on that first lap so we had to get down to business and push on. We’ve been patient and hard to work at it. It’s been awesome.” Sidecar Race 2 Results


1 Birchall/Birchall

2 Holden/Cain

3 Reeves/Wilkes 

4 Founds/Louther

5 Blackstock/Rosney

6 Harrison/Winkle

7 Bryan/Hyde

8 Ramsden/Ramsden

9 LeBlond/Farnier

10 Gibson/Gibson


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Road Racing Daily Michael Dunlop wins record breaking Bennetts Lightweight TT at the Isle Of Man



Michael Dunlop won his 18th TT this afternoon in the Bennetts Lightweight TT race, taking his 3rd TT race win of the week and moving into third place overall on the all-time winners list. 

As the racing roared into action under the blistering sun, the heat was quite literally melting the tarmac of the world famous mountain course. 

Having posted the unofficial lap record during practice, Paton mounted Michael Dunlop was the pre-race favourite with Derek McGee and Ivan Lintin also heavily fancied. Martin Jessopp, who finished second in this race last year and was due to start at number one, sadly didn’t make it to the start line. 

So onto lap one of the race and it was Lintin, McGee and Dunlop who were making the early running, the lead swapping between Lintin and McGee over the first two sectors with Dunlop stalking the pair back in third. 

At Ramsey on the first lap Lintin had made a charge and pulled out a gap of almost 3s over Dunlop with McGee 0.3s further adrift in third. Stefano Bonetti was in 4th with McAdoo Racing’s James Cowton only 0.9s begins him. Lintin was now the man on the move and through the Bungalow the Dafabet Devitt Racing rider had a lead of 5s over Dunlop with Derek McGee also overtaking the 17 time TT winner to move up into second place. 

Lintin crossed the line at the end of lap one and smashed the lightweight lap record from a standing start with a time of 121.603mph / 18:36:981s. Lintin’s lead starting lap two was now 5.7s over McGee who was in turn 1.081s ahead of Dunlop. 

Both McGee and Dunlop also lapped inside the old lap record with their times of 120.984mph / 18:42:694s and 120.868mph 18:43:775s respectively. Stefano Bonetti ended lap one in 4th, James Cowton 5th, Michael Rutter 6th, Peter Hickman 7th, Daniel Cooper 8th, Ian Lougher 9th, Michael Sweeney 10th. 

On lap two Lintin had increased his lead over Dunlop to 9.6s and was on lap record form once more with Dunlop seemingly having no answer to the Kawasaki man’s pace, but drama was to follow as it was Dunlop who arrived at Gasoline Alley first with Lintin reported as having retired at Bedstead; a heartbreaking end to the Englishman’s race. 

So as Dunlop entered the pits he had blitzed the lap record, set only a lap before by the unfortunate Lintin, with a time of 122.257mph / 18:31:003s. Dunlop was now 4s in the lead over McGee however their positions switched as McGee left the Grandstand as the race leader having had a better pitstop. 

With two laps of this enthralling lightweight encounter still left, KMR Kawasaki rider Derek McGee held a 3 second advantage over Dunlop at Glen Helen. Third places man James Cowton was reported as having retired leaving Peter Hickman to assume his position and move into the final podium place. KMR now held first and third with the Paton of Dunlop splitting them.  

So now it was a straight race to the finish and what a race as Michael Dunlop halved Derek McGee’s lead through Ballaugh and by Ramsey he had pulled out a 1.2s advantage. With a great ride to the Bungalow McGee immediately hit back to close to within half a second of Dunlop but the race leader responded and crossed the line to start his final lap with a 1.6s advantage. 

Podium sitter Peter Hickman retired at Union Mills on lap 4 promoting Michael Rutter into third place. 

Putting the hammer down on the final lap, Dunlop increased his margin over McGee to 5.4s through Glen Helen. It was now looking as though the Ulsterman was well on his way to taking another TT crown. Dunlop’s lap from Ballaugh to Ballaugh was 122.80mph. 

Starting the mountain climb Dunlop continued to increase his lead over McGee, eventually crossing the line to take his 18th TT victory by a winning margin of 14.6s and breaking the lap record posting a truly magical time of 122.750mph / 18:26:543s. 

Michael Dunlop:

“We had a small issue at the start of the race. It wasn’t going to be a sprint race for us. I saw Ivan had retired and when I knew Derek was close I decided to pull the pin. Ivan had a good lead but I bedded myself in and looked after the bike before making a push. Thanks to Paton. That’s another part of TT history for me.”


1 Michael Dunlop
2 Derek McGee
3 Michael Rutter
4 Stefano Bonetti
5 Joey Thompson
6 Ian Lougher
7 Michael Sweeney 
8 Adam McLean
9 Julian Trummer
10 Dominic Herbertson

Photo by: RC Photos

Road Racing Daily Michael Rutter wins SES TT Zero Race and breaks the lap record in the process



Michael Rutter took his tally of wins at the Isle of Man TT to an impressive 6 wins as he won the SES TT Zero Race today breaking the lap record with a time of 121.824mph / 18:34:956s. 

Riding for the Mugen team, Rutter led from the off over teammate Lee Johnston and held a comfortable margin of 8s by the time the electric machines had reached the Ramsey Hairpin. Daley Mathison was in third place riding for the University Of Nottingham. 

However, drama was to unfold as Lee Johnston was to run into issues over the mountain which allowed Daley Mathison to assume second place. 

Rutter eventually crossed finish line to win by 23s over Mathison with Johnston rounding out the podium places to finish in third spot. Daley’s lap to split the Mugen’s was 119.294mph which is mightily impressive and was also inside the old lap record. 

Johnston confirmed after the race that he had to stop to reattach the chain on his bike.  

Michael Rutter

“I was worried about so many things going wrong due to the new technology. We miss Bruce and John obviously and I’m sure it would’ve been a better race had they both been here but I’m glad to have won. Thanks to the team.”

1 Michael Rutter
2 Daley Mathison
3 Lee Johnston
4 James Cowton
5 Adam Child
6 Shaun Anderson

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Road Racing Daily Dean Harrison wins the Monster Energy Supersport Race 2 at the 2018 Isle Of Man TT



Dean Harrison took his second TT win today when he stormed to a superb Supersport race victory at the Isle of Man TT. 

The Monster Energy Supersport Race 2 got underway in perfect conditions at the Isle Of Man TT with expectations high given the exploits of Michael Dunlop’s record breaking performance earlier in the week. 

True to form though, it was Dean Harrison making his now typical quick start and the Silicone Racing rider slotted into the lead 1.8s ahead of Monday’s Supersport race winner Michael Dunlop with James Hillier back in third. Peter Hickman was in fourth place. 

Harrison, fastest through the speed trap at Sulby was on a charge and as the leaders arrived at Ramsey, he had increased his gap to 2.7s over Dunlop with the mountain section to come. Hillier was still in third place but Hickman was catching him with the gap between the two reduced to only one tenth of a second. 

Harrison crossed the line at the end of lap one to post a lap of 128.188mph from a standing start to lead Dunlop by 3.618s. Dunlop’s lap was 127.752mph. Peter Hickman had leapfrogged James Hillier by a mere 0.197s to slot into third. 

Cummins was in 5th, Lee Johnston 6th, Josh Brookes 7th, Gary Johnson 8th, Derek McGee 9th and James Cowton 10th. 

At Ballaugh on lap 2 Dean Harrsion was still the man setting the pace as he had increased the gap once more to lead by 5.5s over Dunlop. Hickman was 7.8s further back. James Hillier was keeping Hickman honest and a great battle was beginning to develop with just under a second separating the pair. 

Harrison, now increasing his lead by around a second per sector was inside lap record pace at Ramsey with Dunlop seemingly having no answer. The lead was up to 6.445s and with the pitstops at the end of this lap that could prove to be a crucial advantage. 

Crossing the line at the end of lap 2, Harrison posted a time of 129.099mph / 17:32:124s to lead Dunlop by 8.330s but that was to prove immaterial as Dunlop received a 30s penalty for speeding in the pit lane effectively handing the race to Harrison and promoting Peter Hickman to second place with James Hillier now in third. The penalty dropped Dunlop to 5th place. 

On lap 3 at Glen Helen, Harrison was enjoying a now very healthy lead of 18s over Hickman who in turn was 1.4s ahead of Hillier. Next on the road was Conor Cummins, Michael Dunlop, Lee Johnston, Josh Brookes, Gary Johnson, Derek McGee and James Cowton. 

Over the mountain and things were beginning to even themselves out, Harrison leading by 21s over Hickman with Hiller 5.7s further adrift but enjoying a healthy margin of 14s over Cummins in 4th. 

On the final lap it was Harrison’s race to lose but the Kawasaki mounted rider was showing no signs of letting up the pace as he was happily maintaining his lead over Smith’s Racing rider Hickman. 

Derek McGee, who had been running in a superb 8th place, sadly retired on the final lap of the race after his B&W Racing machine began short shifting. 

So it was Harrison who crossed the line to take his second TT win with Hickman in 2nd place and James Hillier in 3rd. A truly superb performance from the Silicone Racing man. 

Dean Harrison:

“We’ve been trying all week and it’s finally come. Thanks to the team, I’m over the moon. Michael’s penalty was harsh but I just kept my head down and pushed on. I needed the strong start but with the changes we made to the bike that made all the difference. Thanks to all the supporters who cheered me on around the course.”


1 Dean Harrison
2 Peter Hickman
3 James Hillier
4 Conor Cummins
5 Michael Dunlop 
6 Josh Brookes 
7 Lee Johnston
8 Gary Johnson
9 James Cowton
10 Ivan Lintin

Road Racing Daily Peter Hickman takes maiden Isle Of Man TT win and breaks the Superstock lap record




The RL360 Superstock TT roared into action on Monday afternoon and right from the off Silicone Racing’s Dean Harrison set a blistering pace as he raced into a 4.7s lead over Michael DunloP. Harrison, who had been leading Saturday’s superbike race before breaking down, was certainly righting that wrong as he set the field alight. 


Harrison crossed the finish line on lap one and almost broke Ian Hutchinson’s Superstock lap record with a standing start lap of 133.073mph. Dunlop, in second spot at the end of lap one posted a lap of 132.514mph. Peter Hickman back in third lapped at 132.087mph, a feat in itself given the Smith’s Racing rider lost around ten seconds owing to running on at Braddan Bridge. 


At the end of lap one Michael Rutter was 4th, Conor Cummins 5th, David Johnson 6th, James Hillier 7th, Gary Johnson 8th, Martin Jessopp 9th and Sam West 10th. Ian Hutchinson retired at the end of lap one. 


Lap 2 saw things all change as Hickman was on a charge. The BMW mounted rider had chased down Dunlop and pushed the 17 time TT winner into third place at Ballaugh. At Ramsey on lap 2 Harrison’s lead back to Hickman was only 2.4s. Dunlop was a further 2s adrift in third. The three leaders were over 20s ahead of Batham’s BMW rider Michael Rutter in 4th place. 


Peter Hickman crossed the line at the end of lap two, not only taking the lead of the race but also breaking the Superstock lap record in the process with a lap of 134.077mph / 16:53:059s. Michael Dunlop was also inside the old lap record as the Ulsterman posted a lap of 133.237mph / 16:59:449s. Bungalow to Bungalow time on lap 2 for Peter Hickman was 134.476mph


With frantic activity in the pits, it was unclear how things would shake out, but as the leaders reached Glen Helen on lap 3 it was Dunlop in the lead with a gap of 0.5s back to Harrison with Hickman just 0.7s back in third. 


Riding for the Cookstown Burrows Engineering team, newcomer Davey Todd posted a truly sensational time of 127.890mph / 17:42:071s, making him the second fastest newcomer ever at the Isle Of Man TT; only Hickman is fastest as a newcomer. 


By Ramsey on lap 3 Hickman had assumed the lead over Dunlop with Harrison in third and as the leading pair crossed the mountain they began to drop Harrison. At the end of the third lap Harrison was almost five seconds adrift of Hickman and Dunlop with less than a second separating the leading pair. It was promising to be a truly nailbiting climax. 


At Ramsey it was neck and neck as Hickman had only the slightest of leads, 0.1s, over Dunlop as the pair headed over the mountain for the final time. Harrison was in 3rd place as the riders turned for home, David Johnson was in 4th with Hillier in 5th. Veteran Michael Rutter was in 6th spot. 


At the Bungalow Hickman had obviously got word on his pit boards and pulled out a two second lead over Dunlop, the Englishman breaking the sector record from Ramsey to the Bungalow. Dunlop and Harrison both lost crucial time as they encountered backmarkers adding to Hickman’s ominous advantage. 


So as he rounded the final corner Peter Hickman crossed the line to take his maiden win at the Isle of Man TT. The Smith’s Racing rider lapped at 134.403mph / 16:50:601s breaking the Superstock lap record yet again. Michael Dunlop was four seconds adrift in second place and Dean Harrison 9.5s back on Dunlop in third. 


All three podium finishers posted final lap times under the 17 minute marker. The pace on the island forever moved forward and all three providing the fans with one of the event’s greatest ever races. 


RL360 Superstock Race Results


1 Peter Hickman 

2 Michael Dunlop

3 Dean Harrsion

4 David Johnson

5 James Hillier

6 Michael Rutter

7 Martin Jessopp

8 Sam West

9 Ivan Lintin

10 Davey Todd


Photos RCphotos

Road Racing Daily Michael Dunlop smashes lap record on his way to taking victory in the Supersport Race 1 at the 2018 Isle Of Man TT




After a short delay, racing got underway in the Monster Energy Supersport Race 1 at the Isle Of Man TT on Monday morning. 


As with the Superbike Race on Saturday, Dean Harrsion made the early running on lap one, but he was closely followed by Michael Dunlop as the gap was only two tenths of the second by the time the leading pair had reached Ballaugh. 


However, the race lead had changed hands by Ramsey as Dunlop now assumed the lead ahead of Harrison who had dropped a second from Ballaugh to Ramsey. As the riders began the mountain climb on lap one James Hillier was in third, only 0.2s ahead of Peter Hickman. 


By the end of lap one Dunlop posted a lap of 128.265mph to lead Harrison by 1.74s with Hickman slotting into third place, 11s down on Harrison but now over 2s ahead of Hillier in 4th. Lee Johnston was in 5th, Conor Cummins in 6th, Gary Johnson in 7th, Josh Brookes in 8th, Derek McGee in 9th and Jamie Coward in 10th. 


So onto lap 2 at Ballaugh and Dunlop had pulled out another second on Dean Harrison, the gap now up to 2.76s. Hickman was consolidating 3rd place ahead of Hillier in 4th and Lee Johnston in 5th. 


With the pitstops at the end of this lap, and with the knowledge that a good gap may well prove the difference, Dunlop began to charge and managed to find another few seconds to lead at Ramsey by 4.6s. The Ballymoney man was now on lap record pace from Bungalow to Bungalow with a lap of 129.533mph and had a lead of 6.36s with the pit stops now imminent. 


As the leaders came into the pits at the end of lap 2, Dunlop had indeed smashed the lap record with a sensational lap of 129.197mph 17:31:328s and he lined up in the pits alongside Harrison. The fastest pit stop belonged to James Hillier with a time of 42s. 


There was no change to the top 10 riders on lap two. Michel Dunlop, Dean Harrison, Peter Hickman, James Hillier, Lee Johnston, Conor Cummins, Gary Johnson, Josh Brookes, James Cowton, Derek McGee. 


The two leaders left gasoline alley together, the gap around 9s. Hillier’s quick pitstop had pulled him right back into podium contention as he made up almost four seconds on third placed rider Peter Hickman. 


By Ramsey Hairpin at lap 3 Dunlop was all over the back wheel of Harrison. Hillier has switched places to move ahead of Hickman and take third place, Conor Cummins also making up a place to overtake Lee Johnston and grab fifth spot. 


Over the mountain to complete the third lap and begin the final one it was Hillier leading on the road 29.6s behind Dunlop who was still glued to back wheel of Dean Harrison with a healthy lead of 9.4s. 


At Ramsey on the final lap it was no change at the front. Dunlop seemed content to sit on the back wheel to of Harrison. Hickman, on the Trooper Triumph, had made a great charge from Ballaugh however and had moved back into third place ahead of Hillier. A great battle was unfolding on the last lap for the final podium position. 


At the end of the final lap it was indeed Michael Dunlop who crossed the line to take his 17th TT victory ahead of Dean Harrison in second place, Harrison showing some superb sportsmanship to allow the Ulsterman to cross the line ahead of him. Hickman finished 1.723s ahead of Hillier to take a well deserved third spot. 


Michael Dunlop 


“Fair play to all the boys, I got settled in and rode the race I needed to. Thanks to Carl Cox and Hunt’s Motorcycles. My pitstop was absolutely perfect. I genuinely think I could do a 130mph lap. We went into the race blind not having had much time on he bike so there’s more to come. It’s a quick pace but I’m beginning to ride a little harder now.”


Monster Energy Supersport Race 1 Result  


1 Michael Dunlop

2 Dean Harrison

3 Peter Hickman 

4 James Hillier

5 Conor Cummins

6 Josh Brookes

7 Gary Johnson

8 Lee Johnston

9 James Cowton

10 Ivan Lintin


Photo by RCphotos

Road Racing Daily Ben and Tom Birchall blitzed the lap record on their way to winning the first Sidecar race at the 2018 Isle Of Man TT



Ben and Tom Birchall took their seventh Isle of Man win on Saturday evening when they blitzed the record books in the opening Formula Two Sidecar race at the 2018 Isle of Man TT Races fuelled by Monster Energy, shattering both lap and race records.

The Mansfield brothers broke their own lap record on each of the three laps, moving the outright lap record to an astonishing 118.694mph, and they came home 47.1s clear of John Holden/Lee Cain with Tim Reeves/Mark Wilkes completing the podium in third.

After the race Ben revealed that they had to work hard for the win and paid tribute to his brother and team.  He said:

“You never know what pace you can run on the Isle of Man. Tom’s been incredible – faultless. We had a bit of a moment at Windy Corner – I’m blaming the wind. We’ve got a great team and Chris builds some great engines.”

The Birchalls led from start to finish and at Glen Helen on the opening lap, their advantage over Holden/Cain was a slender 2.1s with Reeves/Wilkes only a further second back as Alan Founds/Jake Lowther, Pete Founds/Jevan Walmsley and Dave Molyneux/Dan Sayle completed the top six.

As the lap progressed, the Birchalls continued to extend their lead through all the timing points and it was clear they were on a fast lap – indeed, as they flashed across the line at the end of the lap, they broke their own lap record with a speed of 117.502mph.

That gave them a more than healthy lead of 13.1s over Holden/Cain and although Reeves/Wilkes continued to hold onto third, there were problems for Founds/Lowther who pitted to make adjustments and Molyneux/Sayle who retired from the race whilst holding onto sixth. Meanwhile, newcomers Michael Jackson/Harry Payne set a good opening lap of 106.242mph.

The pit stop dropped Founds to 21st place but there were no such problems at the head of the field and the Birchalls were setting a sensational pace and by the end of the lap, they’d doubled their lead to 26.1s – and little wonder as they’d smashed the lap record with a stunning lap of 118.694mph.

Holden/Cain became only the second crew to lap at more than 117mph with a lap of 117.370mph and they were now 19 seconds clear of Reeves/Wilkes. Founds/Walmsley were up to fourth with a new personal best lap of 114.613mph ahead of Conrad Harrison/Andy Winkle and Founds/Lowther who had amazingly climbed all the way back up to sixth.

On the third and final lap, the gaps between the front runners continued to widen and with a final lap of 117.771mph, the Birchalls came home for their seventh TT win and fourth in a row. Holden’s runner-up spot was his ninth podium in a row and 19th in total, while passenger Lee Cain became the fastest Manx passenger whileReeves/Wilkes came home in a good third place.

Founds/Walmsley took fourth place with brother Alan and passenger Lowther taking a brilliant fifth place given their earlier pit stop and it was Harrison/Winkle who completed the top six.

Darren Hope/Lenny Bumfrey, Gary and Daryl Gibson, Gary Bryan/Phil Hyde and Greg Lambert/Julie Canipa rounded out the top ten.

Photo by RCphotos

Road Racing Daily Dean Harrison on his way to breaking the outright Isle Of Man TT lap record




- New outright lap record for Dean Harrsion

- Philip Crowe leading privateer home

- Davey Todd was the fastest newcomer


Dean Harrison set a blistering pace today in the RST Superbike Race at the Isle Of Man TT and posted an outright lap record from a standing start with a lap of 134.432mph. 


The Silicone Racing Kawasaki rider at one stage of the race held all six sector records and looked set to claim a maiden big bike win on the island. 


However, as Tyco BMW star Michael Dunlop began reeling him in and applying some pressure Harrison suffered clutch trouble and was forced to retire from the race robbing the thousands of fans in attendance of a promising grandstand finish. 


Philip Crowe was the leading privateer home with a superb lap of 129.957mph, falling just shy of the magical 130 marker. 


Cookstown Burrows Engineering rider Davey Todd became the third fastest newcomer in TT history with a magical lap of 126.268mph and a fine 16th place. 


Elsewhere there was a personal best for Manx rider Conor Cummins. The Padgett’s Racing ace clocking a lap of 132.589mph. 


Michael Dunlop claimed the victory in what proved to be a highly popular and emotional win for the Tyco BMW team. 


1. Michael Dunlop

2. Conor Cummins

3. James Hillier

4. David Johnson

5. Michael Rutter

6. Lee Johnston

7. Martin Jessopp

8. Ivan Lintin

9. Philip Crowe

10. Josh Brookes

11. Sam West

12. Jamie Coward

13. Shaun Anderson

14. Derek Sheils

15. Derek McGee

16. Davey Todd

17. Rob Hodson

18. James Cowton

19. Stefano Bonetti

20. Kamil Holden


Photos by RCphotos

Road Racing Daily Michael Dunlop wins the RST Superbike TT race at the Isle Of Man TT



Isle of Man TT RST Superbike Race - Race Report


Racing got underway on the Isle of Man after an hours delay and as the riders set off to start lap one of the RST Superbike Race fans were expecting great things; they weren’t to be disappointed. 


Dean Harrison absolutely blitzed the outright lap record from a standing start to post a truly incredible time of 134.42mph / 16:50:384. The Silicone Racing rider took sector record after sector record on his way to becoming the fastest man ever to lap the famous mountain course. 


Tyco BMW rider Michael Dunlop was 11s behind Harrison at the end of lap one with Conor Cummins in third. Peter Hickman, who had been running in third place throughout the first lap, pulled into the pits to retire by the end of the lap. 

James Hillier and David Johnson were the other two riders to break into the 130’s on lap one. 


Adam Lyon and Richard Charlton were retirees on lap 2. 


As lap two got underway it was Dean Harrison setting the pace once more, this time 7s faster into Glen Helen than his previous lap and with his Ramsey to Ramsey time the Englishman had lapped at a quite astonishing time of 16:46:29s. 


Michael Dunlop, adrift by 16s in second was himself 16s ahead of Manxman Conor Cummins who was in third at the end of the second lap. Dunlop was the second man of the race to lap at under seventeen minutes. The Ballymoney man posting a time of 133.513mph / 16:57:342s. Cummins with a lap of 132.589mph went faster than he had ever gone before recording a notable personal best. 


So as the leaders entered gasoline alley to make the first of their scheduled two pitstops all eyes were on Harrison, but the Kawasaki mounted rider was not to repeat the feat of the previous lap. 


Pit stops times for the two leaders were 56.9s for Harrison and 54.4s for Dunlop so Harrison had lost two seconds as he started lap 3. 


The gap between Harrison and Dunlop had stabilised at Glen Helen on lap 3 with Dunlop marginally quicker but by Ramsey the gap had been reduced by two seconds making Harrison the leader by 14s. Cummins was 26s behind Dunlop. Paul Jordan and Dominic Herbertson were reported retirees on lap 3. 


At the end of lap 3 Harrison led Dunlop by 11.5s,  the Tyco BMW rider beginning to reel in the race leader. Cummins was in third place 29s behind Dunlop with Hillier in fourth place. David Johnson was in fifth with Gary Johnson in sixth place. 


Lap 4 at Glen Helen and it was Dunlop who was on a charge as he was eating into the lead of Harrison, the gap now only 9s, but drama was to follow as Harrison retired at Sulby crossroads handing the lead to Dunlop. The climax to the race had been shaping up to be a grandstand finish, but now with a lead of 40s over Cummins, Dunlop looked unstoppable with a recorded lap 4 time of 133.24mph / 16:59:420s. James Hillier was now promoted into third place, 21s adrift of Cummins and over a minute behind Dunlop. 


All of the drama of the previous four laps seemed to dissipate on lap 5 as Dunlop began managing his lead over Cummins, the Padgett’s Racing rider doing the same with his 11s lead over James Hillier back in third. The remainder of the top ten riders were, David Johnson, Michael Rutter, Lee Johnston, Ivan Lintin, Jamie Coward, Martin Jessopp and Sam West. 


The final lap saw Dunlop somewhat coast alongside Conor Cummins as the first and second placed riders toured around the course together. Dunlop crossed the line to take his 16th TT victory and claim a new Superbike TT race record with a time of 1:44:13:398s. 


Cummins was in second and James Hillier was in third rounding out the podium places. 


Michael Dunlop


“It was hard to celebrate this week but it’s been a hard week and I wanted to do this for Dan and for his family. I want to thank the Tyco team and my mechanics. I made a charge to catch Dean but backed off once I saw Dean had retired.”


Photo by RCphotos

Road Racing Daily Michael Dunlop topped the time sheets in the final Isle of Man TT practice session on Friday evening




Friday evening’s final qualifying session for the 2018 Isle of Man TT Races, fuelled by Monster Energy, again saw good conditions all around the Mountain Course except for a few damp patches at Laurel Bank, Alpine, Ginger Hall and Ramsey Hairpin.


Although the solos only managed a maximum of three laps due to two delays, Michael Dunlop (Tyco BMW) signalled his intentions for tomorrow’s 6-lap RST Superbike race with a fastest lap of 132.983mph with all three of his laps 132mph+.


After a 35-minute delay to sweep oil at the Graham Memorial, which resulted in stationary yellow flags being shown along the Verandah and waved yellow flags at the Memorial itself, it was 6.55pm when the first bikes set off down Glencrutchery Road.


Dean Harrison (Silicone Engineering Kawasaki) and James Hillier (Quattro Plant JG Speedfit Kawasaki) led the field away. They were followed in quick succession by Ian Hutchinson (Honda Racing) and Michael Rutter (Bathams Racing BMW), Dunlop and Martin Jessopp (Riders Motorcycles BMW) and Gary Johnson (RAF Regular & Reserve Kawasaki) and David Johnson (Gulf Oil BMW).


Harrison was first to complete a lap with 131.56mph, but the yellow flags from the oil spill kept the overall speeds down. However, sector times from Dunlop -on his Superbike - and Peter Hickman on his Superstock, were impressive. 


Dunlop’s lap was the quickest at 132.33mph with Hillier (128.37), Rutter (127.45) and Hutchinson (127.16) flashing over the line in quick succession. Conor Cummins was again going well at 129.03mph with Gary Johnson posting his quickest lap of the week at 127.80mph.


Hickman lapped at 130.09mph to top the Superstock speeds with James Cowton the fastest in the Supersport class with 123.38mph.


However, the red flag came out shortly after the front runners completed their first lap due to an incident at Hailwood Rise and although none of the riders involved were injured, more oil had to be cleared from the course.


The session got underway again at almost 7.45. Hillier and Dunlop were away first and the latter was first back with a lap of 132.66mph while Hillier put in his first 130mph+lap of the week at 130.64mph. Hickman also went quicker on the Superstock BMW at 130.83mph with David Johnson above the 130mph barrier (130.10) as well. Hutchinson also set his fastest lap of TT2018 at 128mph.


Newcomer Adam Lyon put in a superb lap of 123.44mph on his 600cc Yamaha.


The solo session eventually concluded at 8.05pm with the Formula Two Sidecars getting their final session underway at 8.10pm. 


John Holden/Lee Cain were first away followed by Ben and Tom Birchall, Alan Founds/Jake Lowther, Dave Molyneux/Dan Sayle, Peter Founds/Jevan Walmsley, Steve and Matty Ramsden and Tim Reeves/Mark Wilkes.


The Birchalls were soon reported out though having stopped at Ballacraine although it was later revealed they didn’t intend to go further. 


Holden/Cain were fastest on the opening lap at 115.73mph. Founds/Lowther lapped at 113.56mph, Founds/Walmsley at 112.78mph, which they improved to 113.354 on their second lap with Reeves/Wilkes also clocking a 113+ (113.198mph) on their second lap. Conrad Harrison/Andy Winkle and Lewis Blackstock/Patrick Rosney both went above the 110mph barrier. 


Molyneux/Sayle, meanwhile, had a leisurely lap of 100.71mph with Estelle Leblond/Melanie Farnier setting their fastest lap of the week at 108.29mph to set them up for the Sidecar 1 Race tomorrow.


In the Zero class Lee Johnston signalled his intent with a lap of 116.05 after his issues last night, while it was the turn of Michael, who enjoyed a strong lap in last night’s session, experiencing problems and retiring at the 13th Milestone. Team Mirai’s Ian Lougher and Shaun Anderson on the Brammo were also retirements but will get two more chances for laps ahead of Wednesday’s SES TT Zero Race.


Photos by: RCphotos

Road Racing Daily Ryan Kneen paying tribute to his late brother Dan Kneen


Emotional scenes as Ryan Kneen set off on a tribute lap this evening in honour of his late brother Dan. Ryan wore Dan’s lid as he allowed fans to pay their respects on a slow lap of the course. 

There was thunderous applause at the TT Grandstand as Ryan took off. Fair play Ryan, that’s a great tribute to Dan. 

Photo by RCphotos

Road Racing Daily Michael Dunlop went quickest in Friday practice at the 2018 Isle Of Man TT




After a delayed start due to an oil spill on the course and a drone flying over Bray Hill, practice finally got underway at 18:55. 

Setting off in the third group was Tyco BMW star Michael Dunlop who right from the off laid down his intent to post a quick time. The Ballymoney man was quickest at the end of lap one and from a standing start he lapped at 132.331mph. Quite remarkable given hat the riders had to slow at Graham Memorial and would have lost around ten seconds. 

Dean Harrison was the nearest rider to Dunlop with a lap of 131.557mph. Only Harrison and Dunlop broke the 130mph barrier on lap one. 

After a brief delay due to a red flag the session got back underway and it was back to business as Dunlop went quicker again, this time lapping at 132:659mph. On this occasion however Dunlop went straight through to start a flying lap and what a lap it proved to be as he posted a 132.983mph 17:01:391 lap. With the time lost over the mountain due the yellow flags that was a stunning marker ahead of the first superbike race tomorrow. 

Only Harrison, Dunlop, Hillier and David Johnson broke into the 130’s in superbike practice. 

Ireland’s Brian McCormack recorded an unofficial personal lap of 125.920mph. 

There was a terrific reception at the Grandstand as Ryan Kneen took off on a tribute lap remembering his late brother Dan, who tragically lost his life earlier in the week. 

Michael Dunlop - 132.983
Dean Harrison - 131.858
James Hillier - 130.664
David Johnson - 130.097
Conor Cummins - 129.461
Philip Crowe - 128.491
Ian Hutchinson - 128.006
Gary Johnson - 127.881
Michael Rutter - 127.448
Martin Jessopp - 127.228
Derek Sheils - 127.162
Shaun Anderson - 126.802
Lee Johnston - 126.742
Jamie Coward - 126.526
Ivan Lintin - 126.361
Brian McCormack - 125.920
Dominic Herbertson - 124.314
Derek McGee 124.077

Photo: RCphotos

Road Racing Daily David Johnson topped the times in the Superstock class during Thursday night practice at the 2018 Isle Of Man TT




Thursday evening’s qualifying session at the 2018 Isle of Man TT Races, fuelled by Monster Energy, saw Peter Hickman post the evening’s fastest time in the Superbike class with a lap of 132.81mph, a new personal best lap for the Smiths Racing BMW rider, albeit unofficially as it was not set in a race.


Ben and Tom Birchall posted the fastest lap of the week so far in the Formula Two Sidecar class with last year’s double winners lapping at an impressive 116.554mph.


The overnight rain and morning mist had long gone by the time the session got underway at 6.20pm and clear skies and sunshine were again the order of the day although damp patches remained on the exit of Ramsey Hairpin, the Nook and Governor’s Bridge.


First to leave the line on this occasion were Michael Rutter (Bathams Racing BMW) and Hickman, quickly followed by Lee Johnston (Honda Racing) and Derek Sheils ( BMW), Martin Jessopp (Riders Motorcycles BMW) and Gary Johnson (RAF Regular & Reserve Kawasaki).


James Hillier (Quattro Plant JG Speedfit Kawasaki) and David Johnson (Gulf BMW) were also away early with man of the week Dean Harrison (Silicone Engineering Kawasaki) and Michael Dunlop (Tyco BMW) slightly further back.


Hickman was first to complete a lap at 131.113mph and he’d opened up a large gap on the road over Rutter who lapped at 127.475mph. Harrison and Dunlop were both over 130mph though, lapping at 130.612mph and 130.606mph respectively while Josh Brookes also had a good opening lap on the Norton at 129.174mph.


Hickman and Rutter both elected to go straight through with Harrison and Dunlop pulling in to change machines. Hickman was taking full advantage of the clear road in front him with his second lap - an excellent 132.81mph - an unofficial personal best and the second fastest lap of the week to date. Rutter was a retirement though, stopping at Cruickshanks although he did manage to get back to register another qualifying lap.


Harrison was also over 130mph second time around - this time on his Superstock mount, while Conor Cummins was again impressing on his Padgetts Honda Superbike at 131.18mph. David Johnson (129.63) and Hillier (128.06) also had strong second laps as did newcomer Davey Todd who set his best lap of the week at 123.995mph. Fellow newcomer David Jackson was also above 120mph for the first time but Adam Lyon retired at Cronk y Voddy.


As the session wore on, speeds were reduced due to an incident involving Chris Petty at St Ninians which left debris in the road but Hickman went to the top of the Superstock times briefly with a lap of 128.38mph. However, this was ultimately bettered by David Johnson who posted a lap of 129.20mph.


Late laps on the Superbike came from Cummins (130.59) and Dunlop (130.959) and although not many of the top group went out on their Supersport machines, Ivan Lintin put in the quickest lap of the night at 123.22mph which put him ahead of Lee Johnston (123.02) and Adam McLean (121.894).


Petty was taken by ambulance to Nobles Hospital where he was reported to have sustained a fractured ankle.


At 7.48pm, it was the turn of the Formula Two Sidecars and Ben and Tom Birchall led the field away from Tim Reeves/Mark Wilkes, Peter Founds/Jevan Walmsley and Dave Molyneux/Dan Sayle.


The Birchalls were the quickest on the opening lap with a speed of 115.48mph whilst Reeves/Wilkes finally completed a lap at TT2018 with 114.06. Founds and Molyneux both lapped in excess of 111mph and Lewis Blackstock/Patrick Rosney lapped the Mountain Course quicker than ever before with a lap of 110.69mph.


Second time around and the Birchalls upped their pace to 116.554mph, the fastest lap of the week so far, with Reeves/Wilkes increasing their speed to 114.369mph. Molyneux/Sayle were also upping their game at 113.155mph. John Holden/Lee Cain had a steady first lap but made changes for their second lap which was 114.513mph.


Meanwhile, the French female pairing of Estelle Leblond/Melanie Farnier recorded a strong lap at 107.886mph with last year’s best newcomers Gary and Daryl Gibson also going well with their first 107mph+lap. Leading debutantes of 2018, Michael Jackson/Harry Payne improved to 104.83mph before retiring on their second lap.


A number of the electric TT Zero machines also had their first outings. As expected Mugen were to the fore with Michael Rutter posting an impressive opening lap of 116.049 while his Mugen teammate Lee Johnston was also over the’ton’ at 101.108 but the Japanese outfit were bisected by an impressive performance by Daley Mathison on the University of Nottingham UON 02. 


James Cowton (84.365mph) riding the Brunel BX 15 and Adam Child (74.869) on the Moto Corsa Ego also completed their first qualifying laps but Shaun Anderson broke down on the Mountain Box while Team Mirai’s Ian Lougher got as far as Hillberry before retiring.


Photo by: RCphotos

Road Racing Daily Peter Hickman posts unofficial personal best during practice at the 2018 Isle Of Man TT



Peter Hickman produced a stunning, albeit unofficial, personal best lap of the mountain course during Thursday night’s practice at the Isle Of Man TT. 

Riding the Smith’s Racing BMWS1000RR, Hickman was quickest straight out of the gate showing the form which saw him podium five times in five races during last year’s TT festival. As he geared up for his flying lap, having already posted a standing start time of 131.113mph, it was clear that the Englishman had put the hammer down. 

Under the blazing sun and in near perfect conditions, Hickman crossed the line on his second lap of the evening to post a new personal best lap of 132.806mph with a time of 17:02:757. 

He is now knocking on the door of becoming only one of three men to have lapped the TT course at under 17 minutes; the other two being his fiercest rivals for honours this year, Dean Harrison and Michael Dunlop. 


Peter Hickman - 132.806mph
Conor Cummins - 131.175mph
Michael Dunlop - 130.959mph
Dean Harrison - 130.612mph
David Johnson - 129.632mph
Josh Brookes - 129.174mph
James Hillier - 128.065mph
Philip Crowe - 127.648mph
Michael Rutter - 127.475mph
Lee Johnston - 127.232mph
Martin Jessopp - 127.100mph
Shaun Anderson - 126.990mph
Sam West - 126.983mph
Derek Sheils - 126.785mph
Gary Johnson 126.771mph
Derek McGee - 126.376mph
Ian Hutchinson - 126.040mph
Jamie Coward - 125.869mph
Ivan Lintin - 125.712mph
Dominic Herbertson - 125.591mph

Photo by: RCphotos

Road Racing Daily John Holden and Lee Cain top the Sidecar practice times at the 2018 Isle Of Man TT




• Hickman continues Superstock form while Dunlop posts fastest Supersport lap

• Lintin is fastest in Lightweight class

• Holden / Cain continue good form in Sidecar session


Dean Harrison set the 2018 Isle of Man TT Races, fuelled by Monster Energy, alight on Tuesday evening with a stunning lap of 133.462mph, which unofficially broke the Superbike lap record and also saw him become the second rider to lap the Mountain Course in less than 17 minutes.


The Silicone Engineering Kawasaki rider laid down a marker from the outset with an opening lap of 133.140mph, the fastest ever standing start lap – albeit unofficially – before increasing his pace second time around. The Bradford rider’s quickest lap prior to tonight was 132.019mph, set in last year’s PokerStars Senior TT race.


With the sun continuing to shine on the island, conditions were again excellent all around the Mountain Course and after a slight delay due to oil being cleared at Ballig Bridge, the session got underway at 6.23pm. 


Michael Dunlop (Tyco BMW) and James Hillier (Quattro Plant JG Speedfit Kawasaki) led the field away on their Superbikes followed by Dan Kneen (Tyco BMW), Peter Hickman (Smiths Racing BMW), Ian Hutchinson (Honda Racing) and Gary Johnson (RAF Regular & Reserve Kawasaki), and Harrison and Michael Rutter (Bathams Racing BMW). Johnson was soon out though, his bad luck continuing as he pulled off at St Ninians and returned to the paddock.


It soon became clear that Harrison was setting a fierce pace throughout the 37.73-mile lap and although Dunlop and Hickman were first to cross the line at 132.319mph and 131.871mph respectively, he jumped to the top of the timesheets with his aforementioned opening lap of 133.140mph.


Kneen (130.668), Hillier (129.181), Rutter (129.583), Conor Cummins (129.756) and Martin Jessopp (128.144) were all going well but Harrison was in a class of his own and as he crossed the line, his lap speed came up as 133.462mph, some 1.4mph quicker than his personal best and only the second rider, after Michael Dunlop in 2016, to lap under 17 minutes.


Manxman Kneen was flying too and his lap of 132.258 was almost 2mph up on his best lap set in last year’s RL360 Superstock race while Hickman was again impressing at 132.169mph. David Johnson (Gulf BMW) improved to 129.360mph with Josh Brookes also upping his speed to 128.590mph which was just quicker than Phil Crowe’s impressive lap of 128.472mph.


As the session wore on, the lap speeds dipped slightly,  largely due to heavy traffic all around the course and the setting sun but Hickman and Harrison both managed 130mph+ laps on their Superstock bikes - Hickman the quicker with his second lap of 130.619mph. Kneen slotted into third ahead of Lee Johnston, Cummins and Hillier with Hickman’s third lap coming to a halt with a retirement at Crosby.


At 7.20pm, it was the turn of the Supersport and Lightweight machines and Dunlop was quickest in the 600s with a lap of 125.206mph (MD Racing Honda) which put him ahead of Hillier (124.919), Ivan Lintin (124.376), Brookes (123.718), Johnston (123.367) and Gary Johnson (122.741) who’d managed to get back out on course after his earlier retirement in the Superbike session.


Harrison’s night ended on a low note when he pulled off the course at Ballacraine whileLintin had a slow speed tip-off at Governor’s Bridge on a Superbike lap although he got back out on his Lightweight machine where he went quickest at 119.191mph.


That put him ahead of Stefano Bonetti (Paton) who was second quickest at 118.848mph from Adam McLean (116.984) and the other Patons of Ian Lougher (116.417) and Rutter (116.012).


Meanwhile, the newcomers again improved over the course of the evening with Davey Todd quickest on his 1000cc Suzuki at 121.97mph although Adam Lyon’s lap of 121.537mph was equally impressive as it came on his 600cc Yamaha. David Jackson, who lost all of Saturday’s session due to breaking down at Ballig, was also making up for lost time on 118.93mph.


Not to be outdone by the solos, the Formula Two Sidecars were also setting a formidable pace and John Holden/Lee Cain scorched round on their opening lap at 115.732mph, which was only three seconds outside their personal best. The Birchalls were second quickest at 114.875mph with Alan Founds/Jake Lowther (112.602) slotting into third ahead of Dave Molyneux/Dan Sayle (111.122).


Peter Founds/Jevan Walmsley (110.866) and Lewis Blackstock/Patrick Rosney (110.180) were the other two crews to break the 110mph barrier on their opening lap whilst a good lap came from newcomers Michael Jackson/Harry Payne at 101.714mph.


Second time around, the Birchalls lapped at 115.145mph which kept them in second place with the Founds brothers in third and fourth, Alan the quicker on 113.037mph from Peter at 112.324mph. Meanwhile, Tony Baker/Fiona Baker-Holden got as close to breaking the 110mph barrier as possible with a second lap of 109.999mph whilst Jackson/Payne improved further still to 102.983mph.


Tomorrow’s session is due to get underway at 18.20 to 19.40 with Superbike/ Superstock / Supersport/ Newcomers (except Lightweight) with the Sidecars out at 19.45 to 20.40 and the TT Zero bikes getting their first qualifying laps in at 20.40.


Photos: RCphotos

Road Racing Daily Dean Harrison smashes the 17 minute barrier at the 2018 Isle Of Man TT




Dean Harrison further underlined his credentials for superbike honours at this year’s Isle Of Man TT as he posted some scorching times on Tuesday evening. 


From a standing start, the Silicone Racing rider wrestled his Kawasaki machine around the course to post a time 17:00:192 / 133.140mph. As he passed the grandstand to start his flying lap it was almost a certainty that he would join Michael Dunlop as only one of two men to lap the famous mountain circuit at under 17 minutes. 


That’s exactly what happened as Harrison kept up the pace throughout his second lap to cross the finish line and post a sublime time of 16:57:728 / 133.462mph. 


Michael Dunlop produced his best lap of the evening from a standing start as he lapped the course at 17:06:516 132.319mph. Dunlop, riding for Tyco BMW, pulled in at the end of his first lap to once more take out the T-bike but he was considerably slower second time around. 


Dunlop’s Tyco BMW teammate Dan Kneen produced a stunning lap as he clocked in at 17:06:994 / 132.258mph. Although unofficial, it was the Manxman’s fastest ever lap at the TT. 


Smith’s Racing’s Peter Hickman was the only other man to break into the 130mph barrier as he posted a lap of 17:07:686 / 132.168mph


Dean Harrison - 133.462 (16:57.728)

Michael Dunlop - 132.319 (17:06.516)

Dan Kneen - 132.258 (17:06.994)

Peter Hickman - 132.169 (17:07.686)

Conor Cummins - 129.756 (17:26.793)

Michael Rutter - 129.583 (17:28.195)

David Johnson - 129.360 (17:30.000)

James Hillier - 129.181 (17:31.457)

Josh Brookes - 128.590 (17:36.291)

Philip Crowe - 128.472L2 (17:37.261)



Photo by RCphotos

Road Racing Daily Peter Hickman - 2018 Isle Of Man TT



Perfect conditions again greeted the competitors for the second qualifying session at the Isle of Man TT Races, fuelled by Monster Energy, and Dean Harrison (Silicone Engineering Kawasaki) topping the Superbike leaderboard at an impressive 131.376mph, the quickest ever lap recorded on the opening night of Superbike qualifying.

Michael Dunlop (Tyco BMW) third lap of the evening was only slightly slower at 131.087mph while Peter Hickman (Smiths Racing BMW) went quickest in the Superstock category, a lap of 130.219mph making him the third rider above the 130mph mark on the night.

The session got underway at 6.40pm after a delay of twenty minutes due to a spectator on the course at Crosby.  Dan Kneen (Tyco BMW) and Michael Rutter (Bathams Racing BMW) were first away followed in quick succession by Gary Johnson (RAF Regular & Reserve Kawasaki) and Ian Hutchinson (Honda Racing), Martin Jessopp (Riders Motorcycles BMW) and Hickman (Smiths Racing BMW). Michael Dunlop set off in the 11th pairing.

Kneen, Johnson and Conor Cummins were the only three of the top twenty seeded riders to be Superstock-mounted with the rest on Superbikes.  

Harrison was setting the pace throughout the lap but Hickman was first to complete a lap at 128.011mph quickly followed by Kneen (125.526), Gary Johnson (125.939) and Cummins (128.180), the Padgetts Honda rider the quickest of the Superstocks ahead of the two Johnsons - David and Gary.

Harrison went to the top of the Superbike leaderboard with a remarkable opening lap of 130.232mph with Michael Dunlop slotting into second at 129.357mph.  Harrison elected to run straight through as the Ulsterman pulled in to change machines. He only got as far as Quarter Bridge though before pulling off the circuit although he soon got back to the pits to go out again on his Superstock BMW, lapping at 127.000mph.

Second time around and Harrison and his Silicone Engineering Kawasaki increased their pace further, lapping at 131.376mph with Hickman posting 129.000mph although Cummins was quicker on his Superstock Honda at 129.584mph. Kneen was the second quickest Superstock (128.843) with David Johnson in third (128.139) but Cummins was out of luck on the Superbike, stopping at Ballacraine.

Hutchinson upped his speed to 124.588mph on his Superstock Honda while Ivan Lintin was going well on his 600cc Kawasaki lapping at 123.563mph. Newcomers Adam Lyon and Davey Todd were improving with 120.186mph and 119.148mph respectively with David Jackson finally getting his first laps in at TT2018 with an opening speed of 113.933mph after starting at the back of the field alongside Richard ‘Milky’ Quayle.

As the session wore on, the riders repeatedly pitted to change bikes. Hickman and Harrison lapped at 128.142mph and 128.134mph respectively on their Superstock machines but Josh Brookes and Gary Johnson were other high profile retirements, the duo stopping at Sulby Bridge and Ballacraine. 

Dunlop kept it late before posting his fastest lap which made him the second rider on the night to lap at more than 131mph with a speed of 131.087mph. Hickman remained in third as Kneen, David Johnson and James Hillier completed the top six while Hutchinson’s third lap on his Superbike of 125.843mph was his best of the evening which placed him eighth quickest in the Superbike class.

Hickman did go quickest in the Superstock class though with a late lap of 130.219mph demoting the Manx pairing of Cummins and Kneen to second and third overall. David Johnson’s good night continued as he ended the session fourth fastest ahead of Harrison and Dunlop.

A slight delay due to an oil spill at Ballacraine meant it was 7.58pm before the Formula Two Sidecars got their first session of the week. Ben and Tom Birchall led the field away ahead of Dave Molyneux/Dan Sayle, John Holden/Lee Cain and Alan Founds/Jake Lowther.

Holden/Cain were the first to complete a lap at 113.663mph and they were quickest ahead of the Birchalls (110.937), Molyneux/Sayle (110.508), Founds/Lowther (109.596) and Lewis Blackstock/Patrick Rosney (108.333). Only Holden went straight through with the others pulling in to make adjustments.

Tim Reeves/Mark Wilkes had been quickest through the Sulby speed trap at 150.1mph but they never made it to the Bungalow, stopping at the Black Hut to make adjustments.

Holden/Cain slowed dramatically on their second lap with a lap of just 99.053mph but Pete Founds/Jevan Walmsley improved to 108.851mph with Tony Baker/Fiona Baker-Holden only slightly slower at 108.412mph. Molyneux/Sayle again broke the 110mph barrier second time around but were slower than their first lap and although Founds/Lowther remained fourth quickest, their second lap was quicker at 110.338mph. 

Photo by RCPhotos

Road Racing Daily Dean Harrison - 2018 Isle Of Man TT Monday Practice




The start of Monday evening’s practice session at the Isle of Man was unfortunately delayed due to the lunacy of a spectator walking onto the circuit at Crosby. After police were despatched to arrest the individual, the big bikes were finally allowed to head out and set their first times of this year’s TT. 


Dean Harrison, quickest in Saturday’s Supersport session, was immediately on the pace as he set the quickest time aboard his Silicone Racing Kawasaki machine. In hot pursuit was Michael Dunlop but the Tyco BMW rider couldn’t quite match the time of Harrison and pulled in at the end of his first lap. 


Harrison however was on his flying lap and began setting blistering sector times as he raced around the mountain course. When he crossed the finish line he had laid down a terrific marker of 131.376mph. That time would stand as the fastest lap of the evening in the superbike class. Of the three laps Harrison completed, all were in excess of 130mph. Such consistently quick times must fill the Englishman full of confidence and firmly make him a strong favourite for honours when racing gets underway on Saturday. 


Not to be outdone, Michael Dunlop finally managed to put in a flying lap late in the session and produced the goods as he posted a time of 131.087mph. That meant that both he and Harrison were the only riders to have made it over the 131 mark. 




Dean Harrison 131.376mph

Michael Dunlop 131.087mph

Peter Hickman 129.000mph

Dan Kneen 128.788mph

David Johnson 127.686mph

James Hillier 127.300mph

Ivan Lintin 126.821mph

Sam West 126.269mph

Ian Hutchinson 125.843mph

Jamie Coward 125.768mph

Josh Brookes 125.667mph

Lee Johnston 125.619mph

Phil Crowe 125.498mph

Shaun Anderson 125.498mph

William Dunlop 125.197mph

Martin Jessopp 125.075mph

James Cowton 125.052mph

Michael Rutter 124.865mph

Derek Sheils 124.473mph

Stefano Bonetti 124.285mph


RCphotos Isle of Man TT Silicone Engineering Racing

Road Racing Daily Michael Dunlop unofficially breaks the Lightweight TT lap record during first practice at the 2018 Isle Of Man TT - Photo by RC Photos



The 2018 Isle Of Man TT roared into action on Saturday evening with the first practice session getting underway after a short delay due to an oil spill on the course. 

First away were the newcomers on their speed controlled lap followed by the Supersport and Lightweight riders. 

Setting down a blistering marker was Manxman Conor Cummins as the Padgett’s rider set a time of 125.12mph. That set the benchmark for the thrilling entertainment which was to follow.

Silicone Racing’s Dean Harrison put the hammer down and began setting fastest sector after fastest sector. By the time he had reached Ramsey on lap 4 he was well into the high 125mph mark and leaving Cummins and Dunlop in his wake. 

However, as Harrison toiled over the mountain Dunlop was beginning to reel him in and as they crossed the finish line at the Grandstand they had eclipsed the time set by Cummins with only half a second separating the pair. Harrison’s time was 125.797mph and Dunlop’s was 125.741mph.

Newcomer Davey Todd, riding for Cookstown Burrows Engineering managed five laps on his Suzuki Superstock machine and made steady improvements with each lap, eventually posting his quickest time of the evening with a 116.04mph. 

The main drama of the evening was to play out in the lightweight class. 

Ivan Lintin made the running from the off as he went quickest from a standing start topping the table ahead of Derek McGee in second spot. After a short burst on his Supersport machine, Lintin went back out on the lightweight bike and was within one second of unofficially breaking the lap record. One of the finest exponents of lightweight racing, Lintin looked nailed on to round off the evening in top spot, but Michael Dunlop had other ideas. 

The Ballymoney man, riding for Italian marque Paton, was noticeably off the pace set by Lintin in the early stages but as Dunlop crossed the line on his flying lap that was all set to change. The outright TT lap record holder was on a charge and as he raced through Glen Helen he had made a marked improvement on his previous best. 

By the time he reached the mountain section it was clear that the lap record was in danger of being broken and although he lost a few seconds between the Bungalow and the Grandstand, he eventually crossed the line to unofficially break the lap record with a truly sensational time of 120.87mph, further underlining his credentials as the man to beat at this year’s TT. 

Irishman Derek McGee, riding for Supertwin supreme Ryan Farquhar, was back in third with a time of 117.571mph

Photo credit: Dave Kneen;

Road Racing Daily Paul Jordan teams up with TC Racing for 2018 Isle Of Man TT




Paul Jordan will contest the 2018 Isle Of Man TT with DP Coldplaning / TC Racing aboard the team’s all new Honda Fireblade. 


Jordan, who made his island debut last year, is in buoyant mood ahead of this year’s festival of speed on the world famous mountain circuit no doubt bolstered by the new partnership. 


Paul Jordan:


“I would like to thank DP Coldplaning/TC Racing for the opportunity to be able to race onboard their bike at this years Isle of Man TT races. Also a massive thank you to Paul Philips for making this possible.”


TC Racing


“TT 2018 Superbike, Senior and Superstock Races. 


All the team welcome Paul Jordan onboard the All new Honda Fireblade. 


We have all been busy over the winter making sure the bike was ready and good to go and after a test ride this evening at Jurby the bike was faultless. 


This means the team will be represented in all solo classes at this years event. Updates to follow and if you are in the paddock please say hi.”


Follow TC Racing’s Facebook page to be updated with Paul’s progress on the island:


Paul Jordan Racing on Facebook:


Photos TC Racing Paul Jordan Racing Michael Dunlop Tyco BMW - Photo by Mick Cooke


With the Isle Of Man TT just a few weeks away, the starting list for the superbike race has been revealed. 

Conor Cummins will lead the pack as he heads off on his Padgett’s Racing Honda CBR1000RR. 

John McGuinness is a confirmed non-starter for the Norton team but Ian Hutchinson is included at number 4. The Bingley Bullet has had the external fixator removed from the leg he damaged during last year’s Senior TT, but it remains to be seen just how well he will fair over a 6 lap TT race. 

Michael Dunlop starts at number 6 and perhaps his closest rival, Peter Hickman, will start at 10. 

1: Conor Cummins
2: James Hillier 
3: Michael Rutter
4: Ian Hutchinson 
5: Dean Harrison 
6: Michael Dunlop
7: Gary Johnson
8: Dan Kneen 
9: David Johnson
10: Peter Hickman 
11: Josh Brookes 
12: Martin Jessopp
13: Lee Johnston
14: William Dunlop
15: Derek Sheils
16: Jamie Coward
17: Phil Crowe
18: Steve Mercer TBC


Now that Michael Dunlop has finally declared his hand and will be remaining with Buildbase Suzuki, all the major players and teams are now known to fans. 

So what does this mean for the TT races and what can we expect? With the season fast approaching it is perhaps best to look back to 2017 if we are to hypothesise about the future. 

Injuries curtailed the season of John McGuiness and Ian Hutchinson as the two veterans fell foul of the North West 200 and TT circuits respectively, both men having cages fitted to their damaged legs. Their biggest race in 2018 may well be a race to fitness rather than a race to the finish. 

McGuinness will ride for marque Norton after a long and illustrious career spent at Honda, but as the door at Honda was closed for John, it opened up for Hutchy where he will partner Fermanagh man Lee Johnston. 

Whether the two men can turnaround the fortune of the Japanese marque after a humiliating and torturous 2017 remains to be seen. At times, Lee Johnston has stated how he can struggle over a six lap TT, but he has victories at the other two internationals so the pedigree for success is apparent. Hutchinson has nothing to prove other than fitness; if the bike produces and he can last the distance, then clearly the man from Bingley will be a real threat. 

The world’s fastest road racer, Dean Harrison maintains the status quo and will be riding his Kawasaki for Silicone Engineering. The 2018 Duke Rankings champion had a blistering season in 2017 which saw him consistently make improvements culminating in that unforgettable, dynamic Dundrod display. One to watch. 

Tyco BMW gave Dan Kneen a chance at Dundrod and the Bradden man more than exceeded expectations, mixing it with the very best, Dan was for a short time the fastest road racer in the world. Clearly Tyco was impressed as Dan was signed for 2018. The Manx rider enjoyed consistently good performances throughout last year and in particular during the Superstock TT race where he recorded his fastest ever lap around the fabled mountain circuit. 

No change at Padgetts so their lineup is Bruce Anstey and Conor Cummins. The evergreen Anstey showed his worth at Dundrod reeling back the years and mixing it with the very best on his way to a stellar Superbike victory whereas Cummins had a somewhat muted year. 

The newly-formed Gulf BMW Road Racing Team has signed Australian rider David Johnson. With bikes that will be expertly prepared, former Norton pilot Johnson will be a serious threat come the North West 200 and Isle Of Man TT. 

With a new full-time backer in Tim Martin and promised time on the bike which will include BSB rounds, William Dunlop, certainly one of the most stylish riders around, will be a contender this year. He proved at Dundrod that he has the big bike speed and with his newly fettled Yamaha R6 and his excellent supersport pedigree, this could be William’s year. 

A rider who really came to the fore in 2017 was Peter Hickman. Long touted as a future TT winner, the Englishman enjoyed a stellar TT finishing on the podium in each race he contended. As impressive as that showing was, it was at the world’s fastest road race where he really showed his worth. The Ulster Grand Prix is in my opinion the most thrilling road race in the world and Hickman was a class apart as he tore through the field on his way to a superb treble. With the same backing this year and the time he gets on the bike when competing in BSB, surely Hickman will only go from strength to strength. 

That leaves the mercurial, Michael Dunlop. The outright lap record holder around the Isle of Man always leaves his decision late, but he has decided to stay with Buildbase Suzuki and not forego a year’s vital development on the GSXR1000.

Few would argue that only Michael Dunlop could wrestle a Senior TT win on an unproven, brand new Suzuki machine. The Ballymoney man pulled off an astonishing victory over a shortened 4 lap race to take his TT winning tally to 15 wins. He also broke the stranglehold Ian Hutchinson had in the Supersport class, a class in which Dunlop is the record holder. 

Things didn’t go to plan at the Ulster Grand Prix as power issues meant he wasn’t able to run at the same pace of his rivals, but one would expect that Steve and Stuart Hicken will have those issues sorted for the upcoming season. If the bike is right then Michael will start as favourite with all others gunning for him. 

No doubt there will be surprises along the way but this is shaping up to be an absolutely thrilling season ahead. 


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Road Racing Daily Michael Sweeney at the 2019 Skerries 100 Road Races

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