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Road Racing Daily Kevin Fitzpatrick named Man of the Meeting at the Enniskillen Road Races


Enjoying a superb weekend of action at Enniskillen, Kevin Fitzpatrick capped it all off by taking home the ‘Man of the Meeting’ crown. 

After a sublime performance during Friday’s qualifying session which saw the Oldcastle rider storm to three pole positions, the pressure was on to reproduce that form when racing got underway today, and he didn’t disappoint. 

A second place in the Plants Capes Eireann Landscaping Supersport Race two was obtained, but the best result of the day for the Kawasaki mounted rider came in the Euro Auctions Supersport Race. 

Following a hard fought battle with Davies 
Motorsport rider Dominic Herbertson, Fitzpatrick eventually crossed the line to secure victory by a mere 0.736s. 

In the Joey’s Bar MCC 125/Moto3 race, Fitzpatrick was the first 125cc home. A fourth place finish in the Open race followed and he went one better taking a hugely impressive third place in the thrillingly competitive Richard Britton Memorial Race which closed out the day.

Road Racing Daily Forest Dunn completes Superbike double at the Enniskillen Road Races



Forest Dunn completed a big bike double at today’s Fermanagh and Omagh District Council Enniskillen Road Races. 


In the Richard Britton Memorial Race, the feature race of the day, Dunn was embroiled in a race long duel with West Meath man Thomas Maxwell as the two men diced for the lead over the course of the six laps. 


Eventually, after a truly sensational final lap, Dunn  pulled the pin and crossed the line to take the spoils by a margin of 0.198s and set the fastest lap of the meeting (1:47.662s). 


Pole sitter Kevin Fitzpatrick finished in third place 1.9s back on Dunn with Darryl Tweed and Dominic Herbertson finishing in fourth and fifth places respectively. 


In the day’s earlier Superbike race, the Clougher Valley Windows Open Race, Dunn won a thoroughly engaging affair finishing 3.3s clear of DTR’s Darryl Tweed. Dominic Herbertson picked up a fine third place onboard the Davies Motorsport Kawasaki with Kevin Fitzpatrick and Ryan Maher rounding out the top five places. 




1 88 Forest DUNN

2 59 Darryl TWEED +3.328

3 11 Dominic HERBERTSON +4.215


5 15 Ryan MAHER

6 107 David MURPHY

7 72 Gareth KEYS

8 28 Paul GARTLAND

9 66 Alan JOHNSTON

10 55 Donald MacFADYEN

11 43 Stephen DEGNAN

12 26 Dennis BOOTH




1 88 Forest DUNN 

2 5 Thomas MAXWELL +0.198

3 75 Kevin FITZPATRICK +1.924

4 59 Darryl TWEED

5 11 Dominic HERBERTSON

6 28 Paul GARTLAND

7 15 Ryan MAHER

8 72 Gareth KEYS

9 107 David MURPHY

10 93 Paul CRANSTON

11 21 Alan CONNOR

12 55 Donald MacFADYEN

13 43 Stephen DEGNAN


Fastest lap of the race by Forest Dunn 1:47.662

Road Racing Daily 2019 Enniskillen Road Races review - Darryl Tweed pictured winning the Supersport race



Today marked the second running of the Fermanagh and Omagh District Council Enniskillen Road Races. The first race of the scheduled 11 race programme to set off was the McGirr Fuels Junior Support race which was won by Co Meath man Vinny Brennan onboard the TRB Racing Suzuki 650cc.


Gary Dunlop claimed victory in the 125/Moto3 race onboard the Joey’s Bar MCC machine, to add to the win he picked up at Kells a fortnight ago. Dunlop crossed the line with a 1.326s margin over Sam Grief on the PR#18 250 Honda. Kevin Fitzpatrick was in third place as the first 125cc rider home. 


Following a lengthy delay to proceedings following an incident in the Senior Support race, the meeting got back underway with the announcement that the remainder of the races, excluding the grand final, would be cut to three laps.   


The day’s two Supersport races were won by Kevin Fitzpatrick and Darryl Tweed, both riders winning by under a second in what proved to be two highly entertaining and competitive middleweight encounters. 


The Euro Auctions 600 race was won by Kevin Fitzpatrick with Dominic Herbertson claiming second place and Darryl Tweed finishing in third. The same three riders populated the podium in the second race this time with Tweed on the top step and pole sitter Fitzpatrick in second place. Herbertson rounded out the podium places. 


There was joy for Herbertson however as he ran out the victor in the Armstrong Engineering Supertwins race following a great tussle with Paul ‘Potchy’ Williams. The hugely popular Herbertson took his first win at Enniskillen by a margin of 0.9s over Williams with Vinny Brennan securing a fine third place.  


There was double delight for Barry Davidson who took the spoils in the C350 and C500 classes. In the Junior C250 it was Richard Ford who claimed the win and in the Senior C1000 race Ian Thompson saw off Philip Shaw to claim victory. 


Stephen McKeown won the Lightweight Support race ahead of the charging Paul Williams with Darryl Anderson finishing 8s adrift back in third. In the restarted Senior Support race Darren Keys saw off the challenges of Andy McAllister and Darryl Anderson to secure victory by a margin of 3.8s. 


Forest Dunn completed a stellar Superbike double in the day’s two premier class races. 


In the opening Superbike race, Cornwall’s Dunn finished 3.3s clear of Darryl Tweed with Dominic Herbertson finishing in third place. The closing race of the day was the Richard Britton Memorial Race helps over six laps and it proved to be thrilling encounter. 


Thomas Maxwell and Forest Dunn duelled for the lead throughout until Dunn produced a sensational last lap taking the chequered flag by a winning margin of 0.198s over Maxwell. Pole sitter Kevin Fitzpatrick was in third place.

Kevin Fitzpatrick wins Supersport Race one at the Enniskillen Road Races



Pole sitter Kevin Fitzpatrick earned a hard fought Supersport victory today at Enniskillen. The Bert Racing rider carried his qualifying pace into the race as he converted pole into a win. 


Kawasaki mounted Fitzpatrick came under heavy pressure from Davies Motorsport rider Dominic Herbertson in the closing stages but managed to hold on to claim victory by a mere 0.7s. 


Herbertson, a newcomer to Enniskillen, finished second with Ballymoney’s Darryl Tweed rounding out the podium places. Forest Dunn was in fourth place with Ryan Maher finishing fifth. 


Team DHR’s Gareth Keys was in sixth place with Alan Johnston in seventh. David Murphy and Stephen Degnan finished in eighth and ninth place respectively. 






2 11 Dominic HERBERTSON +0.736

3 59 Darryl TWEED +2.050

4 88 Forest DUNN 

5 15 Ryan MAHER

6 72 Gareth KEYS 

7 66 Alan JOHNSTON 

8 107 David MURPHY

9 43 Stephen DEGNAN 

DNS 65 Michael SWEENEY     

DNS 5 Thomas MAXWELL     

DNS 26 Dennis BOOTH  

Road Racing Daily Kevin Fitzpatrick secures three pole positions at the 2019 Enniskillen Road Races



Kevin Fitzpatrick shone through at the Enniskillen Road Races today en route to securing three pole positions. 


The Bert Racing rider took pole positions in the Superbike, Supersport and 125/Moto3 classes to cap off a resounding day for the Oldcastle man. 


Fitzpatrick qualified first in the Superbike class three tenths faster than Kawasaki mounted Thomas Maxwell with Cornwall’s Forest Dunn qualifying in a highly impressive third place. 


In the Supersport class Fitzpatrick had a 0.7s advantage over Ballymoney’s Darryl Tweed. The ever popular Dominic Herbertson qualified third onboard the Davies Motorsport Kawasaki machine. Ryan Maher qualified in fourth place to match his Superbike position. 


Fitzpatrick made it a hat trick of poles as he finished quickest in the 125/Moto3 class, just over three seconds faster than Samuel Grief. Gary Dunlop qualified in third place onboard the Joey’s Bar Racing machine. Melissa Kennedy was fourth quickest. 


Paul ‘Potchy’ Williams secures pole in the Lightweight Support class onboard his Kawasaki 650cc machine. Stephen McKeown was second fastest with Darryl Anderson in third. 


Darren Keys took pole in the Senior Support class with a 0.6s advantage over Andy McAllister. Darryl Anderson was third quickest. In the Junior Support stakes Vinny Brennan put the TRB Racing Suzuki on pole finishing 1.4s quicker than Dundalk rider Noel Smith. Kevin Baker was third fastest a mere 0.09s behind Smith. The Junior Support race looks to be one of the most enthralling when racing gets underway tomorrow. 


Dominic Herbertson qualified on Pole in the Supertwins class lapping one second quicker than County Clare Man Kevin Baker. Potchy Williams was third fastest with Vinny Brennan and Noel Smith in fourth and fifth places respectively. 


In the Classic stakes Barry Davidson secured pole in both the C350 and C500 classes with Richard Ford doing the double in the C250 and C1000 classes. 


Roads close tomorrow at 10am with Racing starting shortly after.

2019 Enniskillen Road Races qualifying results



1 Kevin FITZPATRICK 1:50.126
2 Thomas MAXWELL 1:50.410
3 Forest DUNN 1:50.592
4 Ryan MAHER 1:51.919
5 Darryl TWEED 1:52.298
6 Michael SWEENEY 1:52.517
7 Dominic HERBERTSON 1:53.088
8 Paul GARTLAND 1:54.503
9 Alan CONNOR 1:54.566
10 David MURPHY 1:56.605
11 Alan JOHNSTON 1:56.639
12 Paul CRANSTON 1:57.394
13 Donald MacFADYEN 1:59.569
14 Stephen DEGNAN 2:01.862
15 Dennis BOOTH 2:05.635
16 Gareth KEYS  


1 Kevin FITZPATRICK 1:50.336
2 Darryl TWEED 1:51.047
3 Dominic HERBERTSON 1:52.076
4 Ryan MAHER 1:53.025
5 Michael SWEENEY 1:53.685
6 Thomas MAXWELL 1:54.270
7 Forest DUNN 1:54.633
8 Gareth KEYS 1:55.097
9 Alan JOHNSTON  1:59.077
10 David MURPHY 1:59.913
11 Stephen DEGNAN 2:04.186
12 Dennis BOOTH 2:11.449


1 Dominic HERBERTSON 1:58.421
2 Kevin BAKER 1:59.406
3 Paul WILLIAMS 1:59.473
4 Vinny BRENNAN 1:59.781
5 Noel SMITH 2:01.536
6 Dominic COTTRELL 2:01.816
7 John ELLA 2:04.179
8 Tommy HENRY 2:04.339
9 Alastair HAWORTH 2:05.424
10 Brian LOUGHLIN 2:05.474
11 Robert CAIRNS 2:06.718
12 Martin CURRAMS 2:11.906
13 Tim STEPHENSON 2:14.766
14 Nigel McAULEY 2:15.037
15 James ROTHERS 2:18.558


1 Darren KEYS 1:55.8402
2 Andy McALLISTER 1:56.448
3 Darryl ANDERSON 1:57.178
4 Kevin BAKER 1:59.440
5 Dermot CLEARY 1:59.881
6 Tommy HENRY 2:01.620
7 Noel SMITH 2:02.279
8 John ELLA 2:02.335
9 Stuart McCANN 2:02.446
10 Robert CAIRNS 2:03.999
11 Adrian HERATY 2:04.393
12 George SCOTT  2:07.096
13 John CAHILL 2:08.420
14 Steven SMITH 2:08.834
15 Martin CURRAMS 2:10.719
16 James ROTHERY 2:16.88


1 Vinny BRENNAN 2:00.591
2 Noel SMITH 2:01.901
3 Kevin BAKER 2:01.910
4 Dominic COTTRELL 2:02.376
5 John ELLA 2:04.794
6 Robert CAIRNS 2:05.004
7 Alastair HAWORTH 2:06.640
8 Dave WALSH 2:09.831
9 Aaron BOYD 2:09.871
10 Aidan CLEARY 2:10.646
11 John CAHILL 2:11.876
12 Martin CURRAMS 2:12.381
13 Nigel McAULEY 2:13.181
14 Mark JOHNSON 2:15.118
15 James ROTHERY 2:18.092


1 Kevin FITZPATRICK 2:01.479
2 Samuel GRIEF 2:04.821
3 Gary DUNLOP 2:05.297
4 Melissa KENNEDY 2:09.986
5 Ronnie SCOTT 2:10.778
6 Wayne KENNEDY 2:11.270
7 Malcolm LOVE 2:13.375
8 Sean LEONARD 2:14.410
9 Paul GARTLAND 2:15.459
10 Barry DAVIDSON 2:18.168 (SS300)
11 Peter SHANNON 2:43.607


1 Paul WILLIAMS 1:59.982
2 Stephen McKEOWN 2:01.076
3 Darryl ANDERSON  2:02.005
4 Alan JOHNSTON 2:03.504
5 Gareth KEYS 2:04.152 (F ERA)
6 Alastair HAWORTH 2:04.571
7 Stephen MORRISON 2:05.171
8 David HOWARD 2:07.089
9 Dave WALSH 2:08.000
10 Aaron BOYD 2:08.060
11 Brian LOUGHLIN 2:08.741
12 Darren Duncan 2:12.088
13 Yvonne MONTGOMERY 2:26.298


1 Richard FORD 2:20.820
2 Philip SHAW 2:21.459
3 Brian MATEER 2:22.983
4 Kyle PARKES 2:36.202
5 Davy CRAWFORD 2:54.967
6 Trevor STEWART 3:10.860
7 Allen GIBSON 3:39.648


1 Barry DAVIDSON 2:13.258
2 Ken PARKES 2:18.119
3 Ian THOMPSON 2:20.925
4 Sam KINKEAD 2:21.814
5 Gary HUTTON 2:23.063
6 Freddie STEWART 2:23.112
7 Mark JOHNSON2:24.245
8 Andy KILDEA 2:24.368
9 Jonathan DORAN 2:27.639
10 Tim STEPHENSON 2:28.178
11 Paul McMAHON 2:36.320
12 Kevin CALLAN 2:46.991


1 Barry DAVIDSON 2:13.151
2 Wattie BROWN 2:14.031
3 Freddie STEWART 2:15.653
4 Andy KILDEA 2:17.793
5 Sam KINKEAD 2:26.642


1 Richard FORD 2: 2:08.772
2 Ian THOMPSON 2:13.041
3 Philip SHAW 2:25.284
4 Roger CHEN 2:47.622
5 Trevor STEWART 2:55.839

2019 Enniskillen Road Races preview


The second running of the Fermanagh and Omagh District Council Enniskillen Road Races takes place this weekend, 28th / 29th June, at the Arney circuit and is hosted by the Enniskillen and District Motorcycle Club. 

Last year Derek McGee ran rampant en route to securing five wins including the feature Richard Britton Memorial race. 

This year there will be an 11-race programme on Saturday with Friday seeing a full practice and qualifying schedule. Roads close on Friday from 12 noon and on Saturday from 10am. The Richard Britton Memorial Race will again be the main feature race with a total event prize fund of £12k.

This year will also see the event being televised with highlights being shown on BBC One Northern  Ireland, ITV4, and

With a high quality field of entrants and weather expected to be perfect for racing, a mouthwatering weekend of roads action lies in prospect. 

Official Parking is available Friday and Saturday which are still accessible after roads have closed. one directly opposite paddock, one on the main Enniskillen side of Swanlinbar road (A32) and One off the back road from the Dublin road side to Gransagh.

Official Car Park £5.00
Programmes £10.00

Road Racing Daily 2019 Enniskillen Road Races launches


The Fermanagh and Omagh District Council Sponsored Enniskillen Road Races 2019
The Enniskillen and District Motorcycle Club (Road Racing) Ltd are delighted to launch the 2nd Fermanagh and Omagh District Council Enniskillen Road Races which will take place on Friday 28th and Saturday 29th June 2019.

Following on from the success of the first ever race to be ran around the Arney circuit, the club are hoping they will attract a good entry as this year the event will have Irish/Ulster Championship status. Entries are starting to come in fast with riders from all over Ireland and the UK.


As an added and welcome boost to the event, Highlights of the Road Race are scheduled to be broadcast on BBC NI, with Greenlight TV providing coverage of the Irish National road race.

The 11-race schedule will again see a full day of practice on the Friday with roads closing from 12 noon and racing on Saturday from 10am. The Richard Britton Memorial Race will again be the main feature race with a total event prize fund of £12k.

Set in the shadow of Cuilcagh Mountain, the 3-mile circuit has a ‘little bit of everything’ ranging from wide fast straights with sweeping corners to blind jumps. The circuit and the area in general proved to be popular with the riders who attended last year. The club hope to grow and improve the event year on year.


The Club warmly welcomes Fermanagh and Omagh District Council back on board as main sponsors for 2019, without the support of our local council this event would simply not happen. We look forward to working together to ensure the event is a long-term fixture on the Road Racing calendar.

Speaking about the Council’s sponsorship of the Enniskillen Road Races, chairman, Councillor Thornton said:

“I am delighted that Fermanagh and Omagh District Council is the title sponsor for the Enniskillen Road Races for 2019 once again. The Council recognises the benefits that events such as this may bring to the area and as such, very much welcomes events to the district. The Road Races and the showcase they provide help to promote our tourism product to a wider market and act as a catalyst for our local economy, generating income for our local businesses. We also appreciate the combined community effort to host this event and the support of the residents of the Arney/Bellanaleck area where the circuit is based. The Enniskillen area is the ideal location for this event as it is effectively the gateway to the North, South, East and West. The Council is therefore delighted to be working in partnership with Enniskillen and District Motorcycle Club (Road Racing) Ltd on this venture and is pleased to provide its support to the 2019 Enniskillen Road Races once again.”

We would like to thank:


Race 1 McGirr Fuels Junior Support

The McGirr family has been delivering coal in the Fermanagh and South Tyrone area for the last 40 years. Back on board for year 2 we are grateful for their continued sport.

Race 2 The Euro auctions Super sport Race One

Euro auctions are auctioneers of heavy plant machinery, construction and agricultural equipment. Market leader across the UK, Ireland and worldwide with an extensive online inventory. Allan Kelly from Euro auctions “Back for year two and we are delighted to once more support this great event”.

Race 3 The Joeys Bar MCC Moto 3/125/ss300

Joeys Bar MCC are a club who help promote and further road racing, Supporting their own Joeys Bar Race team and other racing Events. We are delighted to retain Joeys Bar as a race sponsor for a second year running.

Race 4 Struct Steel Engineering Senior Support

Providing Structural Steel solutions throughout the UK & Ireland Struct Steel Engineering Ltd. is one of Northern Ireland's leading steel fabrication and erection specialists. We are delighted to Welcome them on board as Race sponsor for 2019!

Race 5 Clogher Valley Windows Open Race One

Based in Clogher, County Tyrone, Clogher Valley Windows have been supplying the island of Ireland, windows, doors, conservatories and much more since 2005. Clogher Valley Windows have in the past supported individual road racers, so we are delighted to welcome them on board as a race sponsor for 2019.

Race 6 Aiken Auto Spares /Oliver Weir Junior Classic Race

We welcome Aiken Auto on board for 2019, Aiken Auto supplying Car & Commercial Parts in Fermanagh & Tyrone since 1977. We would also like to thank Oliver Weir once more for his continued support for 2019.

Race 7 Armstrong Engineering Super twin Race.

Engineering, fabrication and shot blasting business based in Letterbreen Co. Fermanagh and don’t have too far to travel! Back on board for year two we are grateful for their continued support.

Race 8 Enniskillen Tyres Lightweight Super Sport Race

Back on board for 2019 we have Enniskillen Tyre Centre, Fermanagh’s newest retail tyre depot who specialise in Car, Van, 4x4, Agriculture tyres & Wheel Alignment. Servicing County Fermanagh and Northern Ireland, and the bordering counties of Donegal, Cavan, Sligo, Leitrim, and Monaghan, you can be assured of a great welcome at Enniskillen Tyre Centre.

Race 9 Plantscapes Eireann Landscaping/McIntyre Repairs Supersport Race 2

We welcome on board another 2 sponsors. Plantscapes Eireann are an Irish landscaping design, garden maintenance & tree surgery company founded 20 years ago by Peter McDwyer (BSc Hort) Based in Cavan, covering the Border counties of Leitrim, Monaghan, Fermanagh and beyond. McIntyre Repairs ,Sales, Repairs, Parts & Servicing of - lawnmowers, strimmer, hedge cutters, chainsaws, leaf blowers, quads, boat engines up to 10hp, pressure washers & lots more. We are looking forward to working with both businesses.

Race 10 Robert Pritchard/ Enniskillen Motorcycles Senior Classic Race

Thank you to both sponsors who are back on board for a second year. Robert has been a lifelong supporter and is a valuable team member. Enniskillen Motorcycles are a local family run business who are life long road race fan and are happy to be able to help support the event.
Race 11 The Richard Britton Memorial Race/ Fermanagh and Omagh District Council
Fermanagh and Omagh District Council head the feature race of the day. Lat year saw a sun- baked chairman got rather champagne drenched on the podium! This Race is run in memory of the Late Richard Britton and is the feature race of the day.

Special Thanks to Enniskillen BID, Greenlight TV, BBC SPORT NI, Road Racing Ireland. We would also like to thank all event supporters
Lochside Vauxhall, The Aisling Centre, Greentown Environmental and TM Enniskillen Hotel, Lusty Beg Island, Arai NI, Motul, Raleigh Agencies, Custom handmade workshop, Subway, Skip Services Enniskillen, Enniskillen Castle Museum, The Horseshoe Bar and Saddlers, Cleenish Community Group, Dept of Infrastructure, Impartial Reporter for coverage Officials, teams and volunteers and all the dedicated club members and to all programme advertisers and event supporters.

We also extend our thanks to all residents and landowners for their continued co-operation.


Photo by Philip McCammon

Enniskillen and District Motorcycle Club - Road Racing.Ltd- Enniskillen 100

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Road Racing Daily Michael Sweeney at the 2019 Skerries 100 Road Races

Michael Sweeney named Man of the Meeting at the 2019 Skerries 100 Road Races

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