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Road Racing Daily Andy Farrell pictured here at the 2018 Manx Grand Prix



Following the success of the 2018 MGP races, the organisers, The Manx Motor Cycle Club, will retain the same programme for 2019. This will see things kick off with the Newcomers' race on bank holiday Monday 26th August 2019.


Wednesday of race week will see the Junior MGP Race with the first of the two Lightweight/Ultra-lightweight races in the afternoon. Friday features the second Lightweight/Ultra-lightweight races in the morning, followed by the grand finale of the Senior MGP Race bringing the event to a close in the afternoon.


Once again, the Lightweight race will feature the popular 650cc twin cylinder machines, and the Ultra-lightweight race, the 400cc, 125cc and Moto 3 bikes. The club has decided to buck the trend and retain the class for 400 and 125cc bikes at a time when many race organisers have dropped the category.


Manx Motor Cycle Club chairman, Peter Maddocks said: 


“We felt it was appropriate for us to retain the smaller capacity class as it offers an opportunity for younger new riders to enter the event and get them interested in competing on the Mountain Course.”


Any newcomers wishing to be considered for the 2019 event should register their interest by email to 


Practices for the 2019 Manx Grand Prix start on Saturday, August 17th and the event finishes with the Senior race on Friday, August 30th. 


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