Duke Road Race Rankings Championship 

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A huge thanks to the Duke Road Racing Championship for the press releases keeping us up to date with the current championship standings after each round. 

Road Racing Daily Silicone Engineering rider Dean Harrison pictured at the 2019 Ulster Grand Prix



2018 Dean Harrison 

2017 Dean Harrison 

2016 Dean Harrison 

2015 William Dunlop 

2014 James Cowton 

2013 Michael Dunlop 

2012 Ryan Farquhar 

2011 Ryan Farquhar 

2010 Ryan Farquhar 

2009 Ryan Farquhar 

2008 Ryan Farquhar 

2007 Conor Cummins

 2006 Ian Lougher 

2005 Ian Lougher 

2004 Ryan Farquhar 

2003 Ryan Farquhar 

2002 Ian Lougher




2018 Liam Chawke

2017 Joe Loughlin 

2016 Brad Vicars 

2015 Adam McLean 

2014 Neil Kernonhan 

2013 Conor Behan 

2012 Sam Wilson 

2011 Ronan Pentoney

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Road Racing Daily Derek McGee

Derek McGee named Man of the Meeting at the 2019 Armoy Road Races

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